Name a firearm you like, but no one else does!


Welcome everyone! we all have groups of like minded people we go shooting with and we all have certain opinions on whats “best”. Here i want you to name a firearm you love and no one else does and why you love it!

I will start with the Swiss K31 rifles. I love the ammo, the accuracy, how smooth the action is, and once upon a time they where $250.00 a piece! You would be hard pressed to find a deal of equal value! For the life of me I can’t seem to get any one else interested in them. I have shown people what they are capable of standing up shooting 300 yards at a 12"x12" steel target with iron sights with a 80% or better hit avrage, and still they go “meh”. oh well like I said whats your story?


Bushmaster ACR , I really like the platform but Bushmaster ruined it.


I always wanted one of those, never found one for the right price.

If im not mistaken that platform ran along the lines of the FN SCAR, CZ BREN, and Beretta ARX100? or did it have a different kind of action?


Somebody must like the Swiss K31 - they seem to be going dear on Gunbroker.

I really like my T/C Contender Carbine in .223 Rem. Lost a lot of ground to the stronger Encore frame or magazine fed .223 rifles. But mine still keeps the garden and coops varmint free.


Nice! if memory serves that was a single shot break action design right? they sure have a nostalgia to them!


Magpul designed it and Bushmaster ruined it. It was a direct competitor to the Scar,XCR, and a few others in the militaries botched rifle test. If a better company couldve got the rights to it then it would probably be a bigger hit but as is its trash with no aftermarket support.



Yeah but you don’t need aftermarket support with a firearm like that. at least in my opinion that rifle has a lot to offer.


Yep. VERY accurate for what they are. Small (under 3 ft overall), unalarming and looking like a .22 LR to the neighbors. It can still reach out and touch someone.



Good point on the size and accuracy. That type of action lends itself well to accuracy. I’m guessing that it would be a perfect truck/ back 40 rifle!

P.S. nice shoot!



There is a ACR enhanced for sale down by me for 2,200.00. Like I said I wish I could find a good deal on one.


The barrel isnt chrome lined and is a 1:9 twist and the qc is bad, i have seen one worn out around where the barrel attaches and it only took several thousand rounds. Great concept but its a turd. The ACR stock is by far my favorite stock though. Theres a couple guys on that modded it to fit the Bren 805 and it turned out pretty sexy.


My encore chambered in 25-06 & Leopold 6x-20×50mm . W/ varmint reticle. Love it because it extremely accurate, thin& lightweight, & my dad bought me the custom 26" ss barrel from Match Grade Machine in Utah shortly before he passed away. I get crap from the guys for having a single shot when we go ground hog hunting, but I’m the one dropping the hogs at 600yards!!:sunglasses: my 85gr reloads at 3600 fps make them hogs explode!!!



No kidding, The Barrel was worn out! good info thank you for letting me know…I guess that one is off my list. they molded it to a CZ BREN! That sounds pretty cool!


The barrel attachment area wore out and wouldnt tighten down right. The Bren 805 is 10x the weapon the ACR is.



Yeah I can see how these days you could get ragged on for a breach loader, But like you said it hits what you want at 600 yards. That’s when you tell them the proof is in the pudding!


I will find out myself whenever I can “herd cats” and get my buddy to the range so I can shoot my new one.


Oh geeze! don’t give me any ideas. WOW that looks nice with that stock!

Looking at mine now the stock that’s on it looks anemic!


Its worth it…just sell a kidney, you only need one anyways.


It shoots!


This. Because its super reliable, very accurate, inexpensive to buy/run and it was my first firearm. I grow tired of the hate for this manufacturer by a bunch of brand snobs. Frankly it ran circles around a couple of other PCCs sans aesthetics and I plan on turning it in to a bullpup. Hell I’m highly intetested in the 10mm version too as a range toy.

And the best bit is everyone that shoots it has a smile on their face, even the snobs. They are puzzled when I tell them what it is and are amazed how good it is to shoot. So far a few bought ones for themselves.