Name that gun part!


No points for this one.

Stoner 63A used by the SEALs (Navy) and the Marines in Vietnam


I feel dumb! Shoulda, coulda, woulda…


Damn! I was getting there!..someday.


Nice rifles you have!



Close enough Brother! It’s a bolt assembly for a Cobray M11 9mm.


Ak74 brake 24mmx1 rh
Is it a zig zag or half moon brake


Close , it’s off of a AK47 Sam 7 sf-84. 7.62. Half moon or zig zag? Now your teaching me Brother. Explain please.


Doesn’t matter if it cAme of a 47
It’s a 74 Style brake
It came off a Arsenal gun then it’s a half moon brake


I know. I own a few 74s.

Ok. Can you please explain the difference between a zig zag and a half moon.


There just 2 diffeent ways that they are machined to redirect gases when fires
Zig zag pattern was used by Bulgaria and Russia for a while
Half moon was used by everyone

There really isn’t much difference in my opinion but some ak guys drool over the zig zag


Ok. I have both designs then.
I’m assuming you can tell by the other holes in the brake? Or maybe the way the flame is directed?


Zig zag


Half moon


They both function exactly the same


Huh. Your right. Why the hell would it matter. Interesting. Thank you for the explanation Brother.


No worries

If you want to get a really good brake go for the srvv jet brake it’s the best IMO


Most of us know what this is, but can you tell me what firearm it is for?


Thank you for the recommendation. In all honesty if I’m in the market I will make it, but that looks like a good design to reduce felt recoil!




You got it Brother!