ndaa/martial law

i voted for trump. i will vote for trump again. seems most popular opine on fed agents sweeping up shit heads in portland with out due process and under cover was a big thumbs up. yes id like to personally administer tabasco enemas to every one of the “peaceful protesters” but. what is good for the goose is good for the gander. in other words if they and do it to them, they can and will do it to us. is there really any one that does not believe the feds can and will be weaponized against conservatives? i could trot out the most recent news of fbi/cia saying maga,any one who quotes the constitution, any one who talks about natural law is classified as a terrorist. i am saying all those assholes deserve due process if only because if we allow this to happen to them we are setting it up for it happen to us next. we are under defacto martial law right now. thanks ndaa.


My brother in law came over today, show off a new truck (Diesel so he got an atta-boy)

I asked if he can get a plate as the DMV has been closed for a long time, 2 months maybe

He explained he called, got an appointment… for Sept…

He was told he has to wear a mask, go to the door, show his ID, stand back from the door,
go in when prompted, every move choreographed with the agent doing the opposite, agent approaches door, he walks back, he places paper on desk agent stands back

A NWO compliments :dragon: & :dnc:


Our DMV is open, went there the other day to renew tags, now it does look like they were cleaning asbestos in there. had plastic sheeting everywhere. i went early so wasn’t many there. i had a mask on as we are required to now. and i’m not buckin the system for a mask. i got too much to lose to get arrested. which i think it’s only a warning.


i see the dmv going to mail only soon. maybe online, because the guv does so well with web sites.


Aye, they could legally do it to us - if we were also trying to kill feds and storm federal buildings. That’s why I don’t want to start a boogaloo unless something deadly serious happens. We’d be getting that if we did.


i dont think we have to exhibit the same level of behavior to get the same results. remember how the 2nd A rally went in va. and how it is referred to now. i love my country. i love the constitution that founded it. i am gravely afraid for both.


If I start a boogaloo, it will be because we and our descendants are about to be enslaved or murdered, and no legal or peaceful processes can stop it. If that ever happens, the America we know will already be dead, past the point of no return.




History repeats, when I see masks, I see triangles



As far as government overreach and as a mark of subservience I can see why you might think they are triangles.

But the triangles singled people out for hatred, persecution and annihilation. The comparison with masks is superficial. The triangles had a much more sinister meaning.


Perhaps it’s like Pharaoh when he enslaved the Jews. Our oral tradition notes that the biblical phrase “with back-breaking labor” b’pherach can be split into b’phei rach “with a soft mouth.” First, he spoke to us gently, and said Egypt was undertaking a great nationwide project. Everyone would be paid. Even Pharaoh himself took up a shovel. Everyone joined in, Egyptians and Jews.

Then the king and the nobles stopped working. Then the pay decreased. Then the Egyptians stopped working, and the Jews tried to stop too. But the Egyptians beat us and forced us to keep working for nothing, and the oppression began.

And so we slipped from being free men to being slaves.


Not to say America’s already at that point. But we should remember that oppression begins by treading softly, and keep our eyes open.

“Who is wise? He who sees the outcome.”


Was reading that yesterday, different version thou


I was looking at Chabad.org’s translation, based on Rashi. But any word that indicates rigor and oppression is a decent translation.

Exodus 1:13, Rashi, and Yalkut Shimoni

Exodus 1:13
So the Egyptians enslaved the children of Israel with back breaking labor.

  • with back-breaking labor: Heb. בְּפָרֶךְ. With hard labor that crushes the body and breaks it.

Yalkut Shimoni Ex. 163:
So the Egyptians enslaved the children of Israel with back breaking labor [b’farech]. R. Elazar says, “B’fe rach - with a soft mouth.” R. Shmuel says, “B’frichah - With rigor.” [v.14] And they embittered their lives with hard work[, with clay and with bricks and with all kinds of labor in the fields…] Rava said, "At first with mortar and bricks, and ultimately with all field work.״ […] all their work that they worked with them with was back breaking labor. To the one who says b’frichah with rigor—for they exchanged the work of the men with that of women, and the work of the women with that of men. To the one who says there b’fe rach—certainly that was [also] with rigor. At the time that he said, “Come, let us be clever with it,” Pharaoh gathered all Israel and said to them, “Please, let some of you work with me today for wages,” which is as written, “b’ferach - b’fe rach, with a soft mouth.” He took a sack and a rake, and whoever saw Pharaoh taking a sack and a rake and working with bricks, would do [likewise]. Right away Israel went with alacrity and worked at the craft all day according to their strength (for they were strong and mighty). When it got dark, overseers were set over them, and they said to them, “Count the bricks.” They right away stood and counted them, and he said to them, “Make me the same [amount] every day.” He appointed Egyptian overseers over Jewish officers. The overseers would come and count the bricks and find a number missing, and the officers were beaten in place of the rest of the people, [for] they would not betray them to the overseers. They said, “Better that we should be beaten than that the rest of the people be hurt.” Therefore, when the Everpresent said, “Gather for Me seventy men,” Moses said, “Master of the universe, I do not know who is worthy and who is unworthy.” He said to him, “Whom you know–for these are the elders of the people and their officers who gave themselves up to be beaten in their place in Egypt. They should come and take this greatness.” From this you may learn that anyone who gives themselves up for Israel merits honor and greatness.


It sucks that it is this way for sure, I have thought about the same, do I go to places and tell someone to F off I’m not wearing a F’ing mask, get into trouble and loose my class 3 stuff or worse. I hate to, but complying is about the only choice at this time. I even considered boxing up my suppressors and sbr lower and sending them to the atf with the stamps and say, thanks, but no thanks you can have them and I will take the loss.


Now there are things i won’t comply with, but a mask is not one of them. i wear one for my protection too.


Wait. I’d been in Ca so long I never looked into class3 stuff. But if I understand correctly (and let me know if I’m wrong) the only violation that might be a problem is being convicted of a crime who’s punishment could exceed 1 year in prison.

Please tell me a mask violation isn’t that severe.

I’ve worn one to get into the dmv here in northern Idaho, only because the vehicle licensing portion of the DMV is in the basement of a federal courthouse. (Curiously the driver’s license area is in the Sheriff’s office right next door. No mask required.)

But wearing a mask, (per the CDC’s own website) has not been shown to have any affect on viral transmission.


Well son of a bitch. When I click that link now the report is gone. Fortunately I saved a copy.
19-0994.pdf (914.4 KB)


In the current state of affairs anything is possible…



Very diligent, a premonition it would disappear perhaps?

People bashing one another with grocery carts for not wearing them?
My friend who sat two days in jail, contempt of Court for not wearing one?


Depends, if the business employee/owner tells you to leave and you dont its tresspassing. If a cop catches you it will get you a warning then a fine. The businesses get a major fine if they dont enforce it.