Neck Knives


Smart? Stupid? Primary? Backup? Big? Small? Other carry options? (Boot, shoulder holster, lapel, hat, forearm, IWB, small of back, etc.?)



Nice collection!


Thank you.


Nice variety of blades


I have a variety because I’m decisive. About 60 times per minute, that is.


To cut or to crush . . .

that is the question. :thinking:


I carry an ESEE Izula II in a neck sheath. It’s my favorite deer dressing knife.

Occasionally I also wear a Kershaw Leek D2 composite blade as a neck knife.

(Up at the top of he above image). Small and VERY handy…


We’ll be seeing you on the 11oclock some evening, won’t we?..


I carry a Snody Snake Charmer neck knife when I don’t want the clip sticking out of my pocket, or when I don’t have pockets. It’s a handy little knife with a great blade, but definitely not a fighting knife. I carry it because it’s nice and light, and neck carry is pretty convenient.


Man assaulted by members of MS-13 eviscerates five. Assailants transported to hospital in garbage bags and Tupperware, pronounced dead and then some on arrival. Or, more likely, man becomes spokesperson for Band-Aid after years of going through one box a week for years!


Good point. Sometimes even showing a pocket clip is asking for trouble. So much for it being a free country.


‘Band-aid’ is a good nick name for you.