Need a good set of punches


What do recommend for steel and brass punches to work on my AR15s? I want a good gunsmith grade set, ive tried ACE Hardware and Grace USA (I think thats the name) punches. The Grace ones I mentioned were recommended from several people but even they broke real easy.

I was trying to change out a trigger gaurd today and eventually got it changed but lost a punch. I also broke one awhile back when changing out an out of spec bolt catch on my brand new FN AR(royally pissed me off), Anyways who makes some good punches? I want something better than Grace.


This is a great set a lil on the expensive side but works very well


Honestly I order a lot of tools from Brownells
They almost always have everything in stock
And there customer service is amazing
Better than midway for sure
I also buy a lot of wheeler stuff too they make nice tools as well


Do those hold up better than the punches from Grace USA? Im trying to go up a level in quality so I dont need to keep buying them.


There very similar to the grace
Maybe a little bit harder but not much
Are bending brass punches a lot ?
I do as well but I tend to just but new sets every once in a while


I just need a new brass set , I keep breaking steel punches. I tinker with ARs quite a bit but I eat punches like a fat kid eats cake.


It happens a lot to me as well
Lots of times for me it’s changing pistol sights
I don’t really like spending tons of money on sight pullers being that there like 30 diffrent ones
When a nice punch and hammer do just fine


Is there a specific kind of lube that might help on the pin holes? I usually put some clp on it a couple min. before going John Henry on it.


I use a lot Lucas products mainly there white lithium grease
I tend to stay away from clp a lot of times
It continues to break down carbon all the time
Just my preference
Pb blaster works very well also
We’ve Been getting lp2 at the shop as well I like it a lot
But Lucas makes some of the best firearm lines there are


Ive had this set of steel punches for many years, they have held up great!!! they are a bit pricey but quality is amazing.

as for Brass, any will work fine in my opinion they tend to snap if you go to town with them especially the very thin ones. the thick ones will last you a long time though.

  1. Starrett.
  2. Snap-on.
  3. Obsidian arms.


I’ve heard of the obsidian arms set just never ordered them
Are they any good


They look good to me and they are cut to be used with AR builds, but I have no experience with them. I use starrett and snap on.


Im thinking snap on, i didnt even consider them. My dad was a car mechanic then Tractor/diesel mechanic his whole life and bought nothing but snap on. They seem worth the investment.


This might sound funny, but I buy a lot of tool shop tools. They’re cheap and come in larger sets. Any of them get lost, worn out, or broken, I replace it with a good quality one. That way I have a full set at a low cost with the most used tools high quality. Have every metric wrench from 6mm to 22mm, but 10, 13, 15 are the only ones used.


It seems like the best supplier is Brownell’s, they have a realistic group of punches and sets. I found Starrett are the most reliable and dependable; however, Grace does well with brass punches. It seems punches are the most used tools including cup tip and roll, so considering the potential damage that one can imagine makes it necessary to carefully shop. Just sayin’


Are the ones you’ve been breaking made in China?
If so that might be the reason you’ve been going through so many.
A lot of their tools are either very soft or brittle,
It’s unfortunate but such is the reality these days, especially since there’s so much their stuff on the market.


Grace USA is made here. Im probably going to look at Starlett or snap on, or both lol


I look at punches as consumables . That being said working with tooling
At work I like mayhew punches I’ve had one set for 30 plus years they seem to last pretty well.


Kroil Penetrating Oil works well for me.