Need a Tok Expert

looking purchasing a 1945 Izzy TT-33 however it seems to have morphed in to a Romanian TT-C

I m curious about the two marks above the pistol grip and why TT-C
My theory is it as post 1968 US import but pre BATF (manual safety crap) and if memory serves me there was a restriction placed against importation Russian Firearms. Was this a simple way to skirt that little and camo it as something else (Tulskiy Tokarev Cugir)?


so now to answer my own question
“ГИС” in a diamond marking - which is Russian “State Proof Station” (Государственная Ипьітательная Станция) and year.
“TT-C” - TT-Спортивньій (ТТ-Sport).
The CMII have no clue yet
For it to be a Romanian it would need to have the factory stamp (which can be found at the front of the serial number and on the top of the slide.
The wide scalloped slide serations are indictive of the earlier TT-30 and pre-war, war period TT-33. They changed to the narrow (1911ish) serration post war.
Polish (Circle 11) cold war era retained the early style of serrations where as the Romanian (Cugar) were later style.

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