Need advice on CC holster


Does anyone own a CC holster from Urban Carry?
Thinking of buying one as a gift for someone who carries a XDS. Would appreciate some feedback.


Never heard of them. I stick with Galco leather and alien gear. I also have some uncle Mike’s, fobus, & Blackhawks. Reading reviews can help greatly. If there’s a bone to pick weather it be quality related or otherwise, it’ll show up in the customer reviews.


Check out Buds Gun Shop Online:

They have a variety of items, some of which have buyers reviews on them. You don’t have to buy from them, but you can see about what they cost and look like. And for the ones with reviews, you can see what others who have bought them, think about them.

Good luck!


I’ll second the Aliengear. Incredibly comfortable, but they have a large footprint.


I like my aliengear but having to tuck at work is a pain and adds an extra element to drawing.


There are some newer designs from alien gear with smaller footprints for select pistols.