Need help on a rail for a setup

I hope this is the right place to ask because I personally think the individual forum titles are misleading as y need a description.

Anyway I am building a 10.5 pistol and I used a 10.5 upper from solgw. Some don’t know but it has a milspec barrel nut on it already and the gb is pinned and screwed and I really don’t want to remove it so I need a rail.

I have options and I need suggestions, a yhm turbo will live it’s life on the upper and I need to know how long a rail I can use.



We need picture man…

I just checked the medium woman’s pistol, her 105 has a light weight rail, but only have a rail on the first two inches and the last inch.
You want one full length?

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With the milspec barrel nut it limits you big time. I ran into the same issue. Best options I found that I liked were the fortis and centurion. Most rails measure longer then they are called so I’ve always ordered 9.5s for my 10.5s for a nice fit. But contact the manufacturer if it doesn’t have true measurements so your can get the perfect fit.


I know I’m limited but I really don’t want to remove the pinned and screwed gas block

Best I can do with what’s available


I’m wagering that a 10.5 barrel and 10.5 rail with a yhm turbo will not work together

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Every 10.5 was to long when I was looking. 9.5 is what you should be looking at. Id just grab a punch tap that roll pin out and install the rail you want. Slr makes rails that will fit perfect with minimal gap between it and your can

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