Need help picking a thermal

I have gotten approval from the household CFO to purchase my first thermal scope. I am looking for suggestions, pros/cons

Main uses: yote/pig hunting, spotting
Budget: <$2500
Primary platforms: Tikka t3x CTR 308, AR15 223

So far I have been looking at;

  1. ATN Thor 4 384 1.25-5x($1780) or 2-8x($2403)
    I like the scope style, and the optional laser range finder and QD mount accessories (not sure how well the built in range finder works). I also like all the extras; rav, ballistic calc, 1 shot zero… Better detection range than Thor HD
    I don’t mind the internal battery(the prepper in me prefers AA batts), would need to buy QD mount. I have heard bad things about ATNs customer service

  2. ATN Thor HD 384 2-8x ($2050 w/ batt pack)
    I like the AA battery, profile manager(if I use on different platforms), cheaper than Thor 4, comes with QD mount .
    I don’t like lower detection range, Thor 4 is latest and greatest and looks better.

I have been told to look into pulsar, I perused their website (not as clean and detailed as ATNs), I like their picture in picture and heard good things about their customer service. Pricier than ATN options.

Any help, suggestions, guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I think a lot of people stay away from ATN, don’t know why so don’t ask. Pulsar makes some awesome equipment especially for the price, I think pulsar takes the win also for battery life and cost of replacement battery packs. I myself have a Armasight predator 640 30hz, I picked mine up for $3200. The battery life sucks but you can get cr123 recharables which make it easy and affordable to hunt all night, otherwise the battery packs from armasight cost 2x as much as Pulsar. Whatever you decide on I highly recommend a 640 resolution. I’m new to the thermal game myself but I don’t regret my purchase at all. Also I’d like to note that the Armasight predator scopes are very lightweight and compact comparable to others which is a big deal to me when using for hunting. Hope I helped.

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check these dudes out. Pretty cool thermal.

Also search on YouTube (thermal v night vision)
I can’t give advice as I’m a NEWBIE.

Good luck

Just same food for thought. Both thermal and night vision are awesome in there own right, but with that comes the issue. With thermal you will see a heat signature it might be a wild pig! It might be the neighbors dog… see the problem?
With night vision you will be able to tell what you are looking at, but you have to wait till it moves to spot it.
There is the catches on both types of optic.
Now if only you could have both!
I recommend anything with flir technology for a thermal application.


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