Need help understanding scope mounts


Hello all,

So I picked up one of these scopes a while back, after I watched wranglestar’s video of how he abused his, and it still shot rather well.

Now, the description says it comes with 20mm mounting rings. My issue is, I’m not sure what that means. Is the tube 20mm in circumference? Or is that simply the rise off the mounting surface?

Also, is ther a quick detach mount, that would work for mounting this scope, better then the others? I saw the brand, american defense, mentioned in the .22lr thread. I wanted a QD mount, cause if/when my brother in law brings his mini ruger 14 to the range with me, i’d be nice to be able to swap the scope between my rifle and his.


20mm is right about 7/8" and that’s the size of the scope tube. You can use and mount, any ring, so long as it can support 20mm

I do believe this is what you’re looking for.


Keep in mind that most quick disconnect scope rings are 30mm and come with a 1" reducer. These will not work with the smaller 20mm scope.


Thanks for that link! Is there a mounting bracket that is all a single unit?

I’d prefer To have as few points of failure as possible


The quick search I did only turned up 30mm mounts. All the 20mm were one ring. That’s not saying there isn’t one, I just didn’t see any during the few minutes I looked around to answer your question.