Need help with night vision monocular used on a firearm

I know that there are other ways to do what I’m doing, like helmet mounting my PVS14 and using a laser beam projected onto the target for aiming. For reasons I don’t want to get into I don’t want to do it that way.

In the past I have mounted the PVS14 behind a red dot and used the daytime sight in NV mode for the aiming point. It worked fine. That was quite some time ago when the PVS14 was cutting edge. How many years ago was that? IDK, but a bunch. My point is that it’s an older unit. The other night I put the NV behind the newish CompM4 and the aiming dot was just a blur. I worked on various configurations, and got no closer to a usable combination. I was starting to get frustrated so I put everything away and haven’t had time to get back to it. Plus I wanted to have a better idea of what the problem could be before trying again.

The NV unit itself focuses just fine and is usable as a monocular. But that’s not why I bought it, I used it for a time as described above, behind the sight using the sights red dot as the aiming point. The mount is the same QD mil spec mount that was used those years ago. From my perspective nothing has changed except the switch from a CompM3 to the CompM4 and both are NV sights. Other than intensity there are no optical adjustments on the sight. Yes, it’s clear w/o the NV in place and used as a daylight sight. Frustration! It’s not working now and I don’t know why. Help!

I’m definitely open to suggestions.



maybe just pass that one on (cough) and buy a new set up?


:smile: Ha ha! You wouldn’t happen to know anyone who’d want to take it off my hands if I sweetened the deal with some cash for it’s disposal would you?

FWIW, I’d really like to get it running before the Nov’ elections. If you follow my drift.

It’s entry level now, things have come a long way from what I understand. What I really want is a hybrid NV/thermal melded into one unit. If that unit’s made I already know I can’t afford it today, I bought what I bought before I retired. The wifes fairly understanding, but I think she’d put her foot down about a $30k unit (just a price pulled out of the air).


hmm, IDK :thinking: just cash, no Unicorns?

I’d guess you think the current zombie epidemic will grow which it will, just be certain if you end up there you really are there, don’t need you reported on some twitter account as news for the weak, er, I mean news of the week, right?


I’ve heard of some guntubers having issues recording the view through red dot sights. Some have said that the problem is solved with laser holographic sights, which maintain size and focus of the dot even after passing through magnifiers.


No issues with me going over the deep end. It’s no more than any other preparations, like having a firearm and ammo should that be required. The odds are where I live that I’ll just be reading about what’s going on elsewhere. But like a fire extinguisher or homeowners insurance it’s there and hopefully never used.

I’ve had the option of suppression with NV in a hellyweird quiet rifle for many years and so far all it’s accounted for are 4 legged nighttime vermin. But it is a single shot for subsonic. Now it’s on a self loader.

Hopefully I figured it out. Fingers crossed. I still don’t understand it though, and as usual it was me, sorta.

I seem to be getting some sort of strange reflection (maybe) but definitely some sort of optical artifact. The blurry dot is still there but so is the sharp aiming point, I just need to look for it to find it. I put the pinhole daytime lens cap in place and the blurry dot is gone. I still need to shoot it a bit to make sure I have it figured out but that won’t happen until we get along in the year so that it starts getting dark at an earlier hour. I don’t want to be unpopular with the neighbors. Some of them have kids. In the meantime I’ll dry fire it some with the NV in place and with the inside lights off. Maybe a holo’ sight would fix it but the ones I own have such short battery life I’d be extremely reluctant to put them on a critical firearm. I have them on non-critical (hunting) firearms now. I do appreciate the info though and I’ve filed it away in the grey matter.

Long story regarding more advanced holo sights. I had at least 2 Eotechs and liked them, I still have them. I bought them soon after they first came out. So I bought a 3rd to put on a .45/70 that was going to see modern loadings (heavy recoil). I didn’t need the armor so removed it and noticed that no longer were the holes drilled and tapped as they had been on the earlier Eotechs, but had molded holes and the screws in my hand were self tapping. IMO no self tapping screws should be anywhere on a firearm. So I called their tech line and got an engineer or some such. He told me that what I was holding were in fact not self tapping screws. I had the evidence in hand and told him so. But he told me that they never used what I was holding. I don’t remember just how far I disassembled the sight but it was clear before I made the call that the same sort of screws were in use throughout the sight and one of them had been stripped in their factory assembly. At some point he asked why I had removed the screws anyway? (Maybe to catch shoddy assembly?) I returned the sight to the retailer and haven’t returned to the brand. When I inquired of the retailer shortly after he told me how he took it up with Eotech and was told that they were never going back to drilled and tapped holes. Now I use Aimpoint for serious social use and HoloSun when I need small size. Both have extreme battery life. Maybe I need to do some searching for a holographic sight that isn’t Eotech.

Oh, and Musashi, I think it might have been you who asked why the sight was so far forward in an earlier picture of my 300BLK build? Now the front of the sight is approx’ 2" in front of the upper. Closer than I would like but it must be there to work with the NV. That’s the firearm that all of this is about.

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to SBR it. But w/o the NV it works fine as a handgun. I probably ought to move the NV onto the original rifle and make sure it still works there and if the optical artifact disappears.

I know w/o a pic’ it didn’t happen. At the muzzle and thumb actuated is a 5mw IR illuminator mounted on a 45° offset QD lever mount. In normal use it’s w/o all the NV stuff (all QD lever mounts).


May be the lens coatings on the newer red dot or the lumination method (led lit vs older bulb?) Does the red dot have brightness adjustability?


Yes on adjustability. I don’t know how many NV brightnesses, at least 4 maybe more. I know it takes a bunch of clicks before my eye starts to see it.


I was referring to the brightness of the red dot. I thought maybe the type of
Illumination & or level of brightness may be the culprit causing the blur/ washout via the NV unit


Yes, that’s what I was referring to also. The sight uses brightness settings for NV and is built to work with NV. It produces a red dot (adjustable intensity) invisible to the eye, but enough for the NV to see. If it used “normal” brightness settings it would be FAR too bright even on it’s lowest setting.


Just going to throw this out there, but is there any chance you have developed an astigmatism?
No idea about your eyesight, but I know that my uncorrected astigmatism will do the exact same thing you’re describing to any red dot. Looking through the pinhole may actually correct your vision (weird but true). Just a thought


There’s a huge problem with knock off EoTech’s out there. Could it have been a phony?


It would be an astigmatism that only shows itself with NV and absolutely nothing else. Even my “old” Rx works fine. But no, I think it’s a reflection from somewhere. Maybe from my eyeglasses. I haven’t pinpointed it precisely yet.

Well, maybe. It was when EOtechs were still fairly new, and when the dealer contacted EOtech they knew all about it and they weren’t going to change their construction. Maybe EOTech copied the knockoffs for short cuts in production :smiley: ? I suspect the techie I talked to either didn’t know or was deliberately lying. I have no idea why. I had the evidence in hand and told him that multiple times. Back then I didn’t have the capability or didn’t think to send pix. It was quite awhile ago, 20+ years.