Need Opinions On A New Design

So I’ve altered and added several designs to my shop on Redbubble. I have one now I’m on the fence about. I’d like you guys to take a look and tell me if I should post it in my shop or if it might push too many buttons. Either way, it will have to be marked as “mature content.” :roll_eyes:

I’m just thinking this might be expressing my opinions too openly. Although it’s not going to put me on “THE LIST.” I’m already on it.

Anyway, this is the design that I’m concerned about.
Thoughts, opinions and good cheesecake recipes are always appreciated.


I like it but I see what you mean about pushing the buttons. Depends on the audience weather someone sees it as a future plan in the works. A few of the people I work with have made
Me very aware of perception. Most still wear a mask even though we don’t have to if that tells you anything.


I’d strongly suggest reaching out to Justin @ Ember

He’ll host everything and give you a generous commission for sales, without marking anything as “mature” and all his items are top notch, no corner cutting, hit his affiliate button at the top

Dump that place that’s already dumped you once


I will give them a look-see tonight when I get back home from my Dad’s place.


He’s great to deal with, and a patriot


I dropped him an email this morning. We’ll see how he responds.

I went ahead and deleted the shop on Redbubble though. If you want to take the links out of my other post, no worries here. I figured it’s not going anywhere on that site anyhow. Not going to keep uploading stuff if it’s not moving.


This is where a professional comes in.
As a commercial artist, copy writer and graphic designer (in another lifetime)i can tell you what’s a bit wrong with this.
It needs tightening up throughout the letters. Some letters are not good fit with others and leaves too much negative space between them. Then you need to kern the letters to push them a wee bit closer. It is a great design, but you need the letters to read right away, the eyes cannot dace around a small logo ot even a web page tbh.

The lat thing is to give the font an outline. The letters are taking up a lot of space and are hard to read at a glance and that id what you want.
An outline takes care of this.


Good tips. I’m taking notes.

My daughter is actually studying graphic design and marketing in college. She is a good enough artist to actually make a career out of it. Takes after her uncle in that department.

Me…… I’m just a hack who uses a bunch of public domain stuff and add or subtract other things until it turns into something I like. I don’t even have Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. I use a free program called GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). It’s not bad for free software. Plus, it works well on Linux.