Need optic suggestions

So I finished my 10.5 pistol and moved my m2 buis off the rifle to it so I have something to use if I need to use it

I currently have a Steiner p4xi 1-4 on the rifle. I kinda want to move it to the pistol and get something 1-8 for the rifle.

The issue is a 1-6 is about as far as I want to go for a 30mm tube because the eyebox gets terrible past 6 in the lpvo category and that’s why a 1-4 is better but a 1-6 can be acceptable with limited performance.

I have been eyeballing an mro for the pistol, I can get one from a site for 370 because another that had them for 350 is out. A lower 1/3 mount for 45.

So is there a 400$ 1-6 with mount out there that’s as durable as the mro or Steiner?
I saw some reviews on the vortex strike eagle and yeah not interested in the slightest.

I was interested in getting aero mounts but Ive seen many reviews on it not being as durable for the cost(and I have an untested aero lower for my pistol).

I’m really stuck and need an optic, I have money I stashed away for an mro setup but if there is a lvpo for the same cost that’s just as if not better durability than what’s out there?

I keep looking at optics planet and there’s nothing in the price range.


How about the Burries MTAC or Primary Arms ACSS?

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Well I finally got to shoot the damned thing, fireball is something like my buddies mosin carbine.

Definitely need a suppressor, I think I am dead set on the yhm turbo k, Im saving for them I also need to do some work on the truck, wish I could have got them last year when I wanted to but hey life sucks.

Irons is all I had and Its definitely a combat minute of man thing, I really should just get a bigger optic for my rifle and move the 1-4 to the pistol, Im not sure what optic I should even look at now for my 16" I do plan to hunt with it but I really dont want more optic than needed as its just a 556 gun.