Need Sling Recommendations for first rifle

Hello all,

I picked up my first .22 rifle the other day. With all this anti-gun stuff in the media, I figured it was now or never. And I chose now. For anyone wondering, I live in NY, and its a Savage Arms 64F auto loader. Came with a scope, and a 10 round magazine.

My brother in law, who is in the Army Reserves, is going to teach me how to shoot it the next time we have a free day on the same day. (looking like 2 weeks). That said, I have picked up a package of snap caps to practice with, so I’m not a complete noob when we do go to the range.

But, while practicing, I’ve been surprised by how heavy it is. And, I don’t pretend to be a strong guy. I’m an IT guy by trade. We aren’t known for being particularly robust. So I wanted to get a sling for the rifle. But the trouble is, it doesn’t have any sling attachment points on it. So, instead of drilling holes into my first rifle, I wanted to try and find some other slings types.

Is there a general sling rule of thumb to try and look for?


I have a Savage Arms rifle and I recently purchased this sling through Amazon, which I love.

Blend-In Ultimate Grip Anti-Slip Quick detach Rifle Crossbow Shotgun Gun Sling (Multi-Color Selection)

If you do not have sling attachments, you can also pick these up.

Sling Swivel Screws,Swivel Sling Wood Screw Studs,3PC Gun Sling Mounting Kit Sling Swivel Studs Screws Set Hunting Set for Rifles & Shotguns Swivel Stud Base

I was thinking about something like this for attachment:

For the front:

For the stock:

That will work, however consider the wear tear over time that may scratch, discolor the stock and/or steel, or even conflict with your shooting ability. For my free floating barrel, I certainly do no want anything coming into contact, touching or resting on my long range rifle barrel.

Hopefully you can get what works best for your application. Good luck!

I have the Savage MKII F .22.

Very nice rifle to learn fundamentals.

I am just new to shooting but have learnt so much through YouTube and forums like this. It kinda fills the void when you cant get to the range. You will enjoy yourself.

Be warned it is ADDITIVE😣

.22 the cheapest to shoot for targets and hunting.

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Savyy Sniper Quad X Cobra

Thanks for the responces everyone!

I went with this sling: . Though it may not arrive till after my first planned range day.

Deliver is between the 22nd and the first. And I’m figuring the first. shrug I guess I’ll be putting my rifle down a lot that first time.

Ah well. I’m just happy to finally be shooting.

When I am hunting there is no sling on my rifle. I only put a sling on it after I have game down to free up my hands.

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