Need some inspiration

I hate to say it but I’ve hit the wall
I am so unmotivated to work on personal projects in the shop at home
Life has been beating me around a lot lately
We fired 2 smiths at the shop and that leaves me and 2 apprentices one of whom is a professional skateboarder and is gone most of the summer
The part time job for a national pizza chain
And my own business at home has been super busy as well
By the time I’m done working everyday just the thought of another hour in the shop for my own personal projects disgusts me
I’m needing some inspiration to break through and get my @## back to work


make a front and rear pistol grip stock set for a Remington 11-87 police :slight_smile:


I believe @Giantspeed needs someone to show their ongoing or in-progress projects to make him want to go work on his.

I am unfortunately also busy at the moment and have put everything else on hold.

So guys, get some pictures of your projects showing up here and help out one of our own.


To @Giantspeed, remember that fascination and how you felt early on… The beautiful polished metal and the captivating feel of a finely tuned machine… :hugs: The Luger and the sharps kinda do it for me, such a wonderful piece of mechanical harmony eh?

So here is my project… New rifle design, main receiver is just roughed out so far.


This may help a bit
I really just need to break through the funk and start working on 1911’s again that I have on deck
I’m just finding it difficult to get over that hump


The link is broken


@Giantspeed. Maybe make something as a gift for someone special. It would be a great Christmas present.