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OK, so I am trying to build this AR-15 in 6.5 Grendel. I got most of the major stuff already. Looking for a free float rail, stock, and buffer kit. In looking at most of the stores online, they seem a bit expensive to buy individually. Why can I buy a complete lower receiver with stock for only a few bucks more than the stripped lower, but I can’t find a stock for less than $100? That doesn’t make any sense. Same with the upper. I am seeing completed uppers for not much more than a barrel and yet I can’t find a free float rail for less than $50. So what gives? Where can I find a decent stock and free float rail? I want it to be decent, but I get the feeling it should be less than what I am seeing. Or am I missing something?

Also, I need recommendations on the buffer kit. Just don’t know what kind to get.

Here’s what I have so far:

Stripped Lower Zev Manufactured plain lower - Rifle Gear branded Picked up locally $109.00
Bolt Carrier Group Faxon 6.5 Grendel, Nitride Palmetto State Armory 165.25
Barrel Faxon 16" Gunner 6.5 Grendel 416-R Nitride with Nickel Teflon Extension Palmetto State Armory 223.25
Gas Block Odin Works Low Profile 0.75" Palmetto State Armory 27.55
Gas Tube PSA AR15 Mid Length Palmetto State Armory 12.99
Charging Handle PSA AR15 Premium Ambi Palmetto State Armory 69.99
Lower Parts Kit Stag Arms w/trigger Picked up locally 58.49

I’ve always had to piecemeal build parts to get “the best” if thats on your list

I image those deals you see do not reflect quality, personally I’d find the lower you want, I prefer billet, then buy a LPK, then trigger, then buffer maybe with a couple different spring weights, then stock,

You’ll put out 4x the cost but its a keeper right?

Do it right the first time so you don’t have to redo, take your time, wait for deals

I’ve spent some good cash with gunpoint including these lowers which are phenomenal IMO and I’m a fan of the Franklin BFS III triggers, I suspect they’re on a no go list for you

edit: Found out they're a no go here in FL now, well, unless you go high


As I said, I already purchased the items listed.


Yeah well thanks to you I’ve got about 500 in a cart since posting :money_mouth_face:

stupid deals

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Look here for a good price for a great free float handguard. They are around $100 on sale, but they are as good as ones at twice the price. IMO


Have you had any experience with cheeper than dirt?

I stopped even looking at CTD when they canceled existing orders after Sandy Hook saying the item was unavailable and repriced them at exorbitant markups.



Kevin theTacDaddy

Published on 22 Apr 2013

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Friends don’t let friends shop CTD!

and here is their reaction to a tragedy;
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I know I’ll never forget these price gouging crooks!!

4 Likes is Anti-Gun


Published on 18 Dec 2012

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That is a little after I stopped looking at them. The video gives an example of what they did at the time and the reason I stopped.

There are other places I won’t buy from as well. An ammo dealer that was asking $275 for a brick of 22LR is another one.


So am I off base in thinking that a free float rail shouldn’t cost that much? How are they making a complete upper for the cost of a barrel? I have seen them for $250 with M-Lok rails. How is that possible? I want a decent quality but I don’t need top of the line. What should it cost? Same for the stock? What should I be looking for and what should I be paying?


Don’t hold back guys, tell what you really think! :joy::rofl:

Thanks for the input.

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You get what you pay for. Aero Precision is a good balance of cost and quality for the rail. Also check Midwest Industries, they are blowing out some older models. SLR has top grade rails, a few of theirs are getting blown out right now.
Most of your questions can’t be answered till we know what you plan to do with the rifle? Bench shooting, truck gun, hunting, plinking?


Ok Elena why did you pick the 6.5?

I’m eyeballing these but love my 300BO

I’ve already exceeded 500 today and the deals don’t stop

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Basically all of the above. I want an all around rifle that I can use for defense, plinking, and if necessary, hunting. I am not in need of a competition rifle or super long range. If I can do 600, I’d be fine with that.


Because I wanted more than the .223/.556 and the 6.5 Grendel has excellent ballistics and is not expensive.


Did you weigh against 300BO?