Need some references, please


You have a good start then. Consider a LaRue MBT trigger, best bang for the buck on triggers to be had, every bit as good as a SSA. Your trigger is about the second most important part of a good accurate AR build, barrel first and the Faxon should suit your needs well.
Stick with Magpul stock and grip and you can’t go wrong.


@EQuinn first off they buy in bulk for many upper builds that’s how they do it. You, I and every other one off builder get to pay a little more. @Tactical_Reviews had a very unique hand guard that can be customized, ( Mighty Woman) for example, that may be one option that I don’t think is any more money than what’s out there. As for stocks look at gunbroker to get an idea of pricing or one of the other biding sights to help with your parts.


Are you referring to Unique-ARs? They are pricey, but worth it. The also come with a barrel nut.


That’s the one, pricing is on the upper end of handguards for sure. She could cut that in half by shopping and going run of the mill style.


I’ve had several of them. They look amazing.


That’s cool!! But way out of my price range :sob:


Only price, not ballistics.


I’ve used $30 floating hand guards from Ebay with zero issues.


I got the hand guard last night from the link @Robert posted. So all I need now are the stock, buffer kit, flash hider, and upper receiver.


Thats great news, please report on how that company is, service/quality etc, I’ve held back from any upper purchases throughout the day, the binary trigger episode hasn’t promoted enthusiasm


Check what I have. I do have some extra stocks.


I see grips and muzzle brakes. I don’t see stocks.


Haven’t posted the stocks. Been busy with school work today


+1 on the M-LOK handguards. I love ours.


You can find them for $150ish if you look around. It also uses a stock barrel nut so no need to remove the barrel when installing it.


I personally would not run a $50 rail on a personal weapon… to me, I just do not see the quality. Big fan of Aero, Fortis and Seekins top quality and the mounting is secure.
One of the reasons I do not like 2A… hate the mount…