NeoMag Pocket Carry for Magazines

So for now I’ll say I bought a gadget. Clip holds tight to the seam opening of the pocket and the mag slips out free and clear this does work well as the clip is super strong. I wore it a week which is how long I’ve had it, not terrible to get use to didn’t take long. Normal walking sitting it stayed in place and didn’t poke and jab at me. Kind of crowds the pocket opening I’ve got double stack mags and carhartt jeans don’t have a generous pocket opening. Other brands maybe better but again it didn’t take long to get use to. I haven’t tried this yet but hope it works better in the pant leg tool pockets. I’ve just placed a mag in there and had to fish around to get it out. I’ll give a opinion on that as time goes on. Sig mags all steel and it holds them better but a full mag can be dislodged by shaking it. Glock mags having the poly coating over steel not near the effort to shake them loose but at this time they held in the pocket same as the sig mags.

So far I’ve been happy with them, price about 40 bucks each kind of high but thought I’d give them a go. These are 15 round mags may be different with some of the 17, 19, round mags but better with the 10, or 12 rounders.


but do they take Glock Mags…


That’s a Glock mag on the left for my g19. Has a stainless steel liner under the poly cover and yes it does fit and hold it in the pocket. If the magazine is all plastic it will not work. Maybe if you used steel case ammo in a plastic magazine, but I cannot confirm that.