Hello FULL30 Family!

Things are looking great, numbers are up and I’d like if everyone can share the common goal of growth through networking.

Get the links out, get the word out, help the retailers sell, gunsmiths repair and video producers get views.

Producers, if you can put forum invite links in your video descriptions it would be appreciated,

FB, IG and Twitter junkies if you can toss out the same to your followers.

A big THANK YOU to all who already do and a plea to those who do not.

Lets load up the FULL30 forums!


Remember to use the link option of threads, this helps bring people in. Everyone also has the invite option, send an invite right to your friends Email. Nice and easy for them.


Feel free to share this link or the video, either will proved a link to join and give some details.


I will be sharing that ASAP!! Twitter for now, i’m in Facebook Jail for another 20 or so days!! I guess I was naughty for trying to sell evil Gun Parts on a Facebook Group… SMH, they change the Community Standards every day!! OY VEY!!!


I’m still in facistBook jail until Thursday afternoon. That’s why I have three accounts on FB and two accounts on Twitter.


Geeze. So many people in FB jail.

I got the YT ban, but have managed to avoid FB jail.

I better go knock on wood somewhere…


If you’re not on FB Jail, you’re doing something wrong :wink:


You’re just not trying hard enough. I don’t care about those anti-social sites. I use them only to draw attention away from them.


Getting put in FB jail kinda hinders my business’ growth.


Trust me, it hurts me too!! Silly me, I should have known that trying to sell AR Magazines on FaceCrap would have gotten me in trouble…


Fake accounts. Join all the groups you can and start posting.


Your video description arrives in your subscribers inbox missing something… :sunglasses:

If only there was a forum invite…:thinking:


why don’t we start listing Channel names here for the people who’ve accidentally forgot to include the full 30 Link in their Channel description? maybe they don’t know they’ve forgotten this important link? and would be more than happy to add them now


We’ll keep their beer cold while they finish? :beer:


Sure Robert, I’ll hold your ice cold beer for you. let me know when you want your empty mug back


I’ll get the Forum Invite in as soon as Dave gets back home, he’s picking up his son at the Airport!


Im not on FB at all, is that weird?


You’re probably better off not being in FascistBook…


It will probably take me a bit to get used to all this. I am not forum savvy… or computer savvy either. I dislike Facebooger… but been on there a long time.


I am really in a comfort zone with all of our cyber-inmates serving several in Jails. I am just proud to be associated with you guys.:sunglasses: