Never any good at formal introductions here it goes!


I’d like to real quick say hello to everyone@FULL30.
I am 2A patriot an American!
Along side my firearms addiction, i’m into high performance air guns i am always on the hunt to add the next special knife to my collection.
Some favorite calibers 40 Smith & Wesson/10mm/327 Federal Magnum all 30 caliber rifles all action types. My latest project is a 300 Blackout rifle. I’m married and father to 3 children when I’m not at the ranch they are protected and guarded @118 pound Olde English bulldogge he goes by the name Optimus Prime.
Thanks for letting me introduce my self.

P.S there’s a massive amount of content on@full30. I’ll be reading for quite a bit and watching all the cool videos thanks again.


Welcome aboard, it’s a good bet we all like guns a little bit.



You landed in the right place if you like to shoot.



Welcome! Now get some pics up of the collection already. :cowboy_hat_face:




Yeah, I like you already, too.

I like the calibers you mentioned, and I like high-performance air guns, too. What brands do you like in air guns? My favorite is Gamo.

Have you done any hunting with the .327 Fed. Mag? Would love to hear about your experiences with that caliber.




Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

How are the accuracy and recoil?


Very nice wheelgun SAK!



Trying to figure out where you hit the rabbit - chest, ear, mouth?

Good shot either way.


Entrance is on the other side of his head, came out his mouth.


Thanks, SAK67.

That was a very good shot.


Ruger SP101👍



Yeah, I like the Ruger SP101’s. If money were no object, I would buy the whole series of them.

Unfortunately, like about everyone else, I have to watch my spending - especially on guns as my wife is not a fan of them.

So, I am thinking about buying one, just not sure which one, yet. (I used to have the SP101 in .357 mag, 2.25 inch barrel. It was very accurate out to 10 yards)



Yeah, I just don’t understand a few things about them. For example, the first Single Action .327 Fed Mag they came out with (to my knowledge), had 8 shot capacity and 5.5 inch barrel. I held one of them in my hand at a gun show. Man! It was gorgeous! Ok, call me stupid, I did not buy it, and have regretted that ever since. Why did they reintroduce the .327 Fed Mag in a lesser single action that only holds 7 shots? No where near as nice.

Also, why don’t they come out with some guns like S&W did for .500 mag and .460 mag?


Well, I’m offended… no recipes at all! That’s just not proper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s that in your avatar? Looks like it would go good with …ice!


Everytime I see a wheelgun I want one. I need more monies. Haha.


Haha that’s a nice bottle of small batch 1792 Kentucky bourbon 93.7 proof, it’s almost finished. I’ll put a new one up when I’m done drinking that one. I love me some bourbon👍


No offense here.

In fact, not 20 minutes ago I ended the career of a raccoon stirring up the girls in my chicken coops with a pump .22LR and a Fenix flashlight held in my left hand along side the pump. No, I don’t eat raccoon. But in exchange he won’t try to eat any more chicken.


My daughter shot a racoon the other day with her AR15. I saw it hit and tufts of fur fly up. Damn thing still made it into the tree line. Next time I’m loading some Hornady Amax bullets.


I used to have the SP101 in .357 mag, 2.25 inch barrel. It was very accurate out to 10 yards
The gun is accurate out farther than that.
It’s us that aren’t.