Never forget



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I’ve never forgotten to never forget.



Awesome! I remember! In my prayers daily are: those who gave ther lives for our freedom, those who tragically lost their lives on 9/11 because of coward terrorist BASTARDS, & OUR great, brave soldiers & law enforcement whom put their lives in danger every second of everyday, anywhere in the world they are asked to, to keep us safe & free! Thank you


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A lot of people did forget… sad.


I remember that day well. Always do. Always will.


What’s more sad is there are 17 year olds who don’t know about it and or have any reference on how devastating that was. To them it’s just “history” rather than something we all lived through.


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It makes me so sad that so many have forgotten. I wish that our country could keep the strength of bond we had when 9/11 happened. It breaks my heart to see us tearing ourselves apart over petty things.


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It’s time that does that unfortunately.
Much like Pearl Harbor. While I know of it, it’s impossible for me to remember it. You can learn of the event but you can never learn the feeling of watching it happen. You can’t remember the before and after.

I understand and appreciate the rebuilding that has gone on in NY as a raised middle finger to those who attacked us. But part of me wishes there was still a rubble pile. So that people can grasp what happened 17 years ago. But in the not too distant future that will be even a more remote event. That is what I like about the Arizona memorial in Hawaii. Time has changed the scene there but at least part of it remains. A small way for those of us who weren’t there to get some sense of what really happened.