New 1911 build 80% adventure


Well after most of the winter collecting parts and tools for my home shop so I can actually build how I want to
I’ve started one of the builds I have planned

For this build I have chosen to use a stealth arms frame and slide
Commander size raw tactical frame 9mm
And standard slide with Novak cuts and front and rear serrations

To do the major portions of this build I’ll be using the matrix precision jigs and rail cutters first step for me in this build was to checker the front strap of this frame using a 20lpi file and the brownells checkering guide
Horizontal lines first then the vertical finished in about 3 hours
I will update as i continue to work


Looking good. I have my advanced armorer class coming up and my choice for the build will be a 1911. I can’t wait to get started.


Have you been thinking about what frames your going to use or what jigs ?


The school sends the kit. So I don’t know at this point.


Interesting when I went to Pgs we had to provide all of our own projects
I was lucky and had a friend order me broken or damaged stuff from century from there sight to help keep the cost down


I’ll most likely start to dehorn this frame after everyone is in bed
I’ve been spending a lot of time in the shop latley and the old lady has been grumpy about it


Looking good, I enjoy watching builds like this, it gives me alot of ideas.


I’m glad to share and hope it helps folks


Did some work today after a very slow day at the shop
Started to dehorn this frame a bit
And slowly making it my own

I also bought a couple of test blocks for the matrix rail cutter and used it twice to become accustomed to it and just general practice before I cut the frame

I don’t think I needed to do this but I did it all the same


Test blocks?

huh, I just grabbed a beer, hooked up the dewalt drill and shaved some metal :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Matrix sells test blocks so I bought two for the hell of it
Like I said I don’t think I needed to but I did any way


I’m just kidding, I ran a test block, got it from RIA and made a 10mm out of it :laughing::laughing::laughing:


For some time in the shop tonight and I went a head and cut the rails in my frame it was relatively easy using the matrix cutter it took 18 passes and then I settled down with the sanding jig and a stone to finish up


Lookin good!


Thanks it’s very snug so I’m continuing using a 220 stone on the sanding jig
Using lay out dye to find the high spots as I go


Still a bit snug but looks pretty good to me


You’ve got talent! Is this going to be your piece or are you doing this for a customer?


Oh know this is mine
And as mosin said in his thread I’m not licensed
To manufacture



Very cool! I wish I had more “know how” as to build from the ground up as you do, but I also completely lack patience. I can tear down and reassemble most anything, but my lack of patience would bite me in the a$$ to give the necassary attention to the fine detail thats needed.