New 1911 build 80% adventure


Checkering that spot was not easy


Firing pin stop and extractor fires this morning


Coming together great, wow checkering that trigger guard had to be a job. Like the pics.


Smh stealth arms sent two of the wrong caliber parts now I’m waiting on them
The slide stop issue is from the recoil spring I’m sure of it
It’s a 18lb .45 commander spring that I had in hand
Wolf springs got a order this morning
My friend and I cut some blank grips that I’m going to do some work on
Just making sure things work
Chaliss bushings for this build


Super awesome work, I’d like to encourage finishing it with a walking dead set of grips

I used this photo, printed, pressed/dotted then burned on oak stock from HD

to make this set, thats supposed to be a 1911 grip adapter but…


Got to work on my project a bit today
Completely assembled and functioning
Most of these parts be it Wilson combat or sa parts had to be fit
Changed the recoil spring to a 14# spring and works much better
The slide stop on the other hand is still in need of some more fitting


Great progress!!!

What is the issue with the slide stop?


It works as it’s supposed to
But it will not release the slide when you pull it back


Can you show a pic of how far the slide can physically move in relation to the slide stop head?

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And the slide cannot travel any more to the rear?

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Yes it is
It’s very tight
I filed a bit here and there but it’s still very tight
It doesn’t drop down as well when pulled all the way to the rear


I also tried 3 others that all work and still the same issue


It is not likely caused by the side stop.

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Commander frames should have the recoil shoulder of the frame taken in by about 0.100". Compare your frame to a government frame. The rails should be shorter.

If the frame checks out, let’s investigate. If the frame doesnt check out that is one of the issues (perhaps the biggest)

  1. Take everything apart. Use only slide, frame, slide stop and guide rod. Yes only those 4. Put the guide rod into the frame, carefully install the slide and slide stop. Move the slide all the way to the rear where it will sandwich the guide rod head between itself and the frame. Note position in relation to slide stop head. Take a pic. Post here.

The slide travel to the rear should be stopped when the rear of the spring plug tunnel hits the guide rod head which sits against the recoil shoulder of the frame. That is your correct range of travel.

  1. Now, assuming you have the commander size Barrel Bushing, install the barrel and bushing (no spring yet) and guide rod. Repeat. Take a picture with the slide all the way to the rear and how the slide stop notch relates to the slide stop head.

The commander bushing is shorter than the Gov size, quite a bit actually, and the commander barrel has very little material ahead of the front most locking lug. In some cases commander barrels can have extra material there which will impact on the bushing instead of using the recoil shoulder. That would mean your bushing is absorbing all of the recoil and will be destroyed.

  1. Now, assuming you have the commander length recoil spring, and spring plug is not sticking out from the back of the slide spring plug channel when installed, see if the slide cannot travel as far to the rear with the recoil spring installed.

I have encountered springs that were too long and went into coil bind before the slide could reach the guide rod head. Also some spring plugs are longer than the commander slide spring plug tunnel, and if they are sticking out the back they will be absorbing all the recoil and will mushroom out preventing removal (this is different from hat style reverse plugs)

Post all pics so we can see which may be the culprit.


I will do this when I get home this evening


Just thought of something else to try.

If you are using a Government GI guide rod, it may be hitting the spring plug. I am not sure but they may be longer in Gov and shorter in Commander.

Easy to check. Put the barrel bushing into the slide, stick the spring plug into the slide and then put the giode rod into the plug from the rear and see if the flange of the head reaches the rear or the slide spring plug channel.

Edit: just found a comparison. Note the actual head of the rod is shorter too.


Well after a bit of a struggle with the slide stop on this build it’s ready for a test fire before being taken apart and a bit of polishing on some parts
And media blasting and refinishing with a duracoat
These won’t be the grips used for this build the custom grips should be ready soon


That looks really nice, some of you guys are way too talented.:+1:


Thank you for your kind words