New addition to the collection


So i picked this little guy up last week used but in great condition. It is a North American Arms PUG factory ported in .22 MAG, i couldn’t pass this little guy up grabbed it for $200.00 with a box of ammo. deal was too good to pass up. so my future plans for this little guy is a set of custom wood grips, Polish the whole thing up leaving so bead blasted accent pieces, and once my hand engraving improves a bit i plan on engraving this little guy.


Nice score


I like pocket guns a lot I only have one not the best but it’s serviceable


Love it. I have the .22 short version on my belt buckle. Wear it every day.


That’s very cool man!


Congratulations…Is this what some call a “hand-full”, or does it require a nice knife too?:grin:


How do you find it feeds various ammo? I might be interested in one of those, but I heard it’s picky.


Very cool!


It can be picky I would opt for the M&p version but I bought this when it first was released
It has a snappy recoil when using a good ammo
Mine is loaded with Corbon
The feed issues are minimal but I always polish my feed ramps and chambers on every weapon I own
A hour of your time doing this helps immensely in the feed dept


Lol the knife is a backup.



Nice I just built my 9mm upper for my AR9 pistol.


And finished it up today.


We also added the mag adapter to our store. You can buy them at now!