New affordable electronic smart target from IWA 2018


Hi guys, I would like to share with you my new project, Train Shot smart target system :).

It is patent pending cardboard target with special coat with detection of bullet. We have several types of target.
Application can measure your reflexes, show your zones, etc… It is unique because we can produce targets cheap and price of target is 3.5Euro/pcs.

Please tell me what do you think and if you have some idea on targets or application functions.

Thank you


Thank you for your great feedback :slight_smile:


great idea - I take that the “paper” has an embedded sensor that links to the unit.
wonder if a laser type target could be used utilizing a led snap cap round?


What is the maximum distance this system will work?
At the distances in the video, it’s easy to see the holes in the targets with the naked eye.


Thank you very much for feedback, This target works only with real ammo with metal projectile… So this system is suitable for life shooting :slight_smile:


Hi, yes in the video it is near because it is better see how target and system looks :slight_smile:
Standart package comes with bluetooth module and range is approx 30m, with some smartphones/tablets and good conditions maximum 100m . We are developing also longrange modules for rifles ;).


interesting idea. Though the actual cost of replacing each target my be too much. As they need to have a bluetooth/wifi adapter in each one. Unless you don’t need to replace the bluetooth adapter with each use?

Also, I know they make training pistols/targets, where the pistol shoots a laser at the target, and you get feedback after each hit. What makes your system better then that?

All that said, this does look like an interesting system. If you can keep the cost down, then I can see this being very useful.


Im too primitive for this, the most high tech targets ive ever used was a cell phone or mannequins. Seems neat though if I ever leave the stone age I might give it a try.


@Trainshot Life is too short to not be honest so i’ll be straight with you: I would not be interested. First I simply do not see the point of this because part of the experiance is walking down range and evaluating the target.
Second as this is only for live fire, it is not a replacment for L.A.S.R program. With this software, Training that can be done at home by using anything as a target. Pair this with the S.I.R.T pistol and you have an indispensable at home training system.
Conclusion The point in I am trying to make is money spent on adding technology into training is best spent making it so you can train when you otherwise cant. Like in winter, in a hotel before a match… anywhere! Now If this system can be used at extreme range like 300, 600 meters It would be very useful as a shot monitor and the audio feedback would be good for long range.

It would also be great for 100 meter shooting .22lr or iron sights. Would it work for this application?

Can it be used at long range?
Is there a price on the full system yet?


One thing we tried once when out on a desert shoot (not a proper range) was place a go-pro behind a rock aimed at the target. Used the app to monitor the go-pro and fired away. Worked ok to about 100m but after that the signal was iffy. Also the FOV was just a tad too wide for our placement. But there’s potential there.
The funny thing was the spotter sitting with the tablet and a towel over his head to be able to see the screen in the sunlight. A noble effort but…


Hi Thank you for your feedback, Trainshot target price is only approx 3.9 USD and you can shoot approx (100-200 shots depends on caliber and type of taret)
We have 3 now:

This target can be replaced by new after shooting. Target is connected to electronic unit and price is 129Euro

So connected together…


laser system looks good for dry fire training, Trainshot system is for life shooting with real ammunition, you can connect more targets to one smartphone and see zone of your shots. Trainshot measure also your reflexes, if electronic unit LED it is signal you have to shoot and it will measure your reflections (included timer). In application you can play several training modes, with several types of targets :slight_smile: Trainshot is also training system.
In App you can see also table - history of your targets accuracy and reflection time.


Application is very intuitive for usage, and system can save your time, because you can see zone of shots on your smartphone in real-time. So you do not need to use stickers for covering holes, in app you can clear your target and shoot again :wink:

Thank you for your feedback I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Is is also way how to see targets :slight_smile: , we have in Trainshot app also day / night graphical theme, so for day we are using bright, light colours, we are using also sound / speach notification of shots.

This is Day theme:

This is night:


Thank you very much for your feedback,

It is big difference if you are shooting life or only simulation, because of recoil, sound, etc…
System can random send you instruction with LED for shooting and can measure time of reflection and it can communicate with more targets.

We are now preparing also long range radio module with approx 1000m range. This module can be exchanged with standard included BT module. Price of module should be less than 100Euro, we are now working on this module.


You do not need to replace electronic unit after shooting, you will replace only target after approx 150 shots…


@mquinn55 I did try the go pro for a while but it didnt work, as you stated, at longer range. I now run a 15-60x optic, to even if I am not shooting with it I can use as a spotting scope :wink:


I understand it is technically different. However, I found the opposite when using the dry fire system. Muscle memory takes over and when I shoot wirh live ammo now, the sound and recoil is not even noticed. Everyone is different, but I found it to help extensivley.


This I WOULD buy! :wink: I have tagged your page and will watch for it. Under $150 usd is good. I’d like to see some small bull targets for benchrest/ F class. Not having to travel down range for 100 meter rimfire and Long range for everything else would be nice.


ah, so the paper target connects to an electronic transmitter that costs $130?

Still 4 bucks per target isn’t exactly a small amount for a paper target, when you can acomplish the same thing with a paper plate and a colored sticker.

Whats the range of the transmitter? Is it a bluetooth device? Or a wifi device?