New attempts at Hearing Protection Act, National Reciprocity introduced



While I appreciate the effort, this could have been law already if the Republicans in congress had really wanted to pass it.


@ArmedEyeDoc 100% :+1:


The Republicans had all the chances they needed to get something passed, but they sat on their hands and did nothing. Now they want to submit these bills when the Dems control the house, knowing good and well it’s not even gonna get a chance. Republicans are just dangling the carrot in front of us.


Exactly. It’s a fluff act to gain supporters for next election where they can say oh look I tried. Another huge waste of time, money and effort imo


I am not holding my breath


It will take a few months before Pelosi and her traitors get all the democrats in line, once they do the anti-gun bills are going to start flowing…


And money says they get passed even with “pro-gun” Republicans in the Senate and the White House. They all want the same thing. No matter what side of the aisle they’re on or what their rhetoric (or Twitter feed…) might say.


There will be enough Rs in the Senate who “reach across the aisle” that I fear something will pass. Trump will likely sign it to get border funding or some shit. The Ds and the press will fake like him for a few days and then refuse to fund the border.
Yes, I am cynical.
Maybe more pessimistic.


100000% agreed that it is a 2 headed snake and it wants to eat the USA for dinner. The people running the government are psychopaths hell bent on power and they are corrupted by greed. Fire them all and get real people into office. We need Doctors, teachers, engineers, farmers, business men and women, scientists in office. NOT ATTORNEYS AND CAREER POLITICIANS


They have rigged the system to portect them selves . You have to be in the (club) to get in office anymore. You won’t see any blue-collar people get in office until we remove them from power by force


I am not sure if “force” is the right word. We can vote them out if we have good candidates to vote in. I think many people just do not care much. That is the real problem.


You are right . People don’t care who is in power as long as they get the free stuff that they are promised by the polititions
who have written laws and rules to protect their hold on power and only let in people that the party has picked.


The real sad part is the “great un-washed” public can recognize the piles of creature dung that abound in DC, but the one tool available is not used enough-- that being the vote. Complacency is the cause of bad laws and politicians. That could be changed unless folks do nothing. :smirk:


Here’s the thing… those “representatives” work for us. Do not comply with their unconstitutional laws. They don’t get to decide, WE DO!!!