New bill introduced in MD to further restrict my rights

A new proposed law that requires a license to purchase a long gun. That means we will now have to get a license for any firearm. This is pure insanity and infringement on 2A! I didn’t know where else to post this. The pistol law already prohibits me from buying a pistol without the license even though I have bought one before. I can get the license I just have to pay the fee for the license and go through the fingerprinting process and application Fee etc. they also have the red flag law and police are going around confiscating firearms when reports are made but the reports can be made by anyone and are unable to be released publicly because of “medical confidentiality” or whatever. Thought I would share.


Ranting to no one who can make a difference because they do not read forums like this.

Why is it OK to make people pay for a license and fingerprinting for this Constitutional right? When something similar was done for voting via the poll tax or a requirement for ID, it is discriminatory towards minorities. Voting in a federal election is not a right, but is protected more than an actual right.

Rant over



This is easy to answer (the “Why…” question). Because from what I have seen, pretty much all the anti-gun politicians LOVE to harass gun owners any way they can. I guess they figure if they make it too much trouble, then gun owners would abandon their guns. Yeah, I know, crazy, huh. But, that does seem to be one of their main tactics against law abiding gun owners.


They remind me of witnessing uncontrolled kids in supermarket, the “brain-dead” politicians are disruptive little shits that need a parent to jerk a knot in their tail and learn to behave.


The issue with this set of bills, other than further stripping our rights and turning me into a criminal. Is it kills my business completely.

In 2013, when the firearm safety act passed they licensed handguns in the same way, they had a day where firearm owners were allowed to testify we showed up in Annapolis and police made us stand in a single file line to sign a book to testify. Maybe 10 people of the 10,000 were allowed to testify that day. The news showed that nobody was there and nobody opposed the laws.

There are about 6 or 8 bills proposed including criminalizing anyone who purchased an 80% lower, builds one out, or possesses one. ( I may be misinformed as I have not had time to fully read that bill and hate when spreading false gospel) I do know that the bill is bad, and strips away my ability to do business. I am already thinking about closing it down because of the target it is putting on me and my family in the state with the red flag law and the others in our area that have already been raided.