New ‘Bipartisan’ Gun Grab Built on Lies


I, just don’t have words. All I want to do is protect my family and I and punch holes through paper targets at the range. How the mother fuck am I a problem just because I own an AR and or semi-auto? Some days I just want to crawl under a rock to block out all this communist / socialist noise.

From that article’s comment section:

Here in Florida, Brian Mast was re elected.
He is the veteran who said citizens should not be allowed to have AR 15’s.

That dude should be drawn and quartered after being found guilty of treason. He has no right tell us what we can and cannot own. And the fact that he is a veteran really chaps my hide being from a military family. WTF did he enlist for if he doesn’t believe in the constitution? Was he in it for the benefits and money?

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I read the Ammoland piece and yes it disturbs me quite a bit. Many of the politicians that rush to show the ditzy rhetoric from the very liberal groups, yet few are able to correctly identify types of firearm actions, the function of a magazine, the four basic parts of a firearm (even the black ones). This is what disheartens me is trying to fight adversaries who are totally ignorant about the topics they are making rules about and laws. :worried:.

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Brian has been paid well for his views…He is a Traitor at best. This site has many people who are ok with Infringements…Bumpfire stocks ? who cares ? they are a gimmick, useless, I don’t care if they are banned…and look at who is winning ? The Radical Liberal Left and they are far from done…a lot of new Infringements are coming…


The left is twisting this issue every which way they can.

They have been claiming that only a few states prohibit people with domestic violence convictions from having guns. Point out that federal law prohibits them from having guns, and has since the late 1990s, and they retort that it doesn’t do any good if the states ignore it. Somehow, they think that each state has the authority to override federal law (when did the left start believing in state’s rights?).

I used to think that my ex-wife had mastered the art of making so many twists and turns that she could contradict herself at least 3 times in a single breath, but these people could give her lessons in how to fabricate and distort.

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Why would you quote something from 45 years ago and not say who you are quoting? Bad writing.

The subject matter is disturbing, though.