New builds 2019 40 SW AR Pistol


Raange report 2
Back from the outdoor pistol range. Laser no bueno even close in direct sunlight but reflex held zero and pistol was drilling the 50 yard target. Have to say for a cheepo the sightmark is 5 star. Had 2 last round FTfeed early on, dropped the front block a billionth of an inch (maybe a little more) went through 10 mags without a hitch. Maybe dimple the receiver where the set screw hits to lock it in.

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Most of them your upper will fit onto. For sure with my quarter circle 10 lower

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So how do we achieve LRBHO?

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Range report 3
put a 10 oz buffer in it to try to reduce distance brass was flying
had one failure to feed and one partially out of battery slam fire. Bullet cleared the muzzle fortunately. Went back to the 7.5. Dimpeled the receiver where the adapter block set screw hits as the block had a tendency to move. Fired another 200 rounds out of a 30 round $15.00 aftermarket mag and the stock 15 rounder.





30 round mag Cheapo with steel liner.



Really liking the pistol, Switched out the Anderson lower with a Spikes 9mm lower. LRBHO has been achieved!



Looking good

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Been busy, put together a carbine out of the second Spikes lower. After working out the usual bugs, a real shooter

Stock, handguard, pistol grip out of the parts bin. So was the birdcage, chucked a 308 cal in the lathe and opened it up to 40 cal. Function first, then cosmetics. Picked up the Eotech on sale, 389 no tax no shipping.

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Brace that pistol as God it intended.



Yes Sir!
I run it with the brace sometimes, don’t see much of a difference with or without. Nose right on the charging handle either way. Looks cooler with the brace.