New chrono' coming

Looking forward to getting it in.

I presently have a CED Millenium and it works fine when the sun shines or I set up the active (powered) skyscreens. But frankly the IR skyscreens are a PITA to set up and require power which is lacking at many (all?) ranges. But they do work on overcast days or in pitch dark. The passive skyscreens aren’t always usable, for instance for what seems like the last month I don’t remember more than a few hours of sunlight. My load development has been at a standstill.

So I persuaded the wife to go “in” with me on a LabRadar for my Christmas gift. It has none of the limitations of a skyscreen dependent chrono’. But does introduce a new limitation. Velocity is capped at 3900 fps and I have one firearm that exceeds that by a few hundred fps. But I’m not that curious about velocity with it anymore. I just load it for accuracy today. I did have the .17 needles up to 4160ish fps but had to drop it back to 4000fps to regain accuracy.

But anyway, looking forward to getting the new chrono in.

I’d review it after I give it the shakedown cruise but there are plenty of online reviews already.