NEW Firearm Friday podcast - Tony Simon & 2A4E Diversity Shoot


Diversity Shoot?

Why do you need to celebrate diversity?

Everyone knows guns come in all colors, shapes and sizes the same as people.

Sounds like a political propaganda video, you stirring the pot?

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did you listen?


Nope, I’m judging a book by its cover, which is why I asked

I’m also in an RV with almost adequate surfing ability, I have a tablet theme installed here that reduces the bandwidth, didn’t know I’d ever need it

so no videos for me, otherwise I’d play this


good selection, i am a marilyn manson fan. your comment sounded rather sarcastic but sadly, many people today fall victim to “headline” culture and never dive any deeper. my friday podcast are as the intro suggests and effort to bring together the firearm industry and community. by bringing on people, companies and organizations it helps bring awareness to those in the fight with us. now the following as nothing to do with the podcast here, simply my opinion but diversity is nothing more than individualism in its rawest form. individualism is a double edge sword that many in our community regularly cut themselves with. we can not agree on many, many things, but if we can agree on 2A issues, then we have a 2A ally. couple that with the fact that the second amendment protects the life, liberty and pursuit of everyone and bam, diversity can be quite beneficial. we can’t win 2A fights with just rednecks, just old white people, just the hardcore tactical guys. being monolithic throughout our community is both boring and ineffective. as for the actual podcast here, or any other that is produced weekly… they are not going to always be liked by everyone and that is fine. if they start a conversation, even better, that is another point of doing them. and finally, start listening in when you have time… you can download them on most any podcast platform, iHeartRADIO, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc so you don’t have to worry about loosing service, unlike your manson youtube video :slight_smile: you might just get introduced to some cool people.


Well said, CloverTac! I don’t have time to listen to the whole hour long podcast at the moment. But I’m aware of Tony Simon’s efforts advocating that the 2nd Amendment is for every law-abiding American citizen, regardless of race, ethnicity, etc. We shooting enthusiasts and believers in the 2A should be more inclusive, especially if we want to grow and strengthen our efforts to protect our 2A civil liberties. So as a Florida State fan, I’ll do my part for diversity and accept those good-for-nothing Florida Gator and Miami Hurricane fans to our cause - lol.

I think Tony Simon is from NJ, right? What part of Texas are you from, CloverTac?


yup, Tony is a NJ transplant anyway, grew up in Virginia. i am in Cherokee County.


Thats my question as to why you believe we need to diversify?

The media told you?

I’ve done a fair amount of IDPA/USPSA and old, young, fat,skinny, black, asian, hispanic etc etc etc all shoot together with nothing but mutual respect from what I’ve seen


@Robert yup