New from Arizona, Howdy!


I’ve known about Full30 for a while thanks to suggestions from many of the YouTube gun channels but I did not realize there was a forum until today. Allow me to introduce myself. Gun enthusiast that is not rich so I choose my purchases wisely. Live in Chandler, AZ. I won’t bore you with a million details but my favorite pistol is my FNX45, my favorite 9mm is my Glock 26, truck gun is a Century AK47 pistol, have a few ARs, shotguns and hunting rifles. I have an old Remington 760 pump-action 30-06 and I absolutely love taking it to the range and having other shooters ask what it is and then see the look on their faces when they say “I didn’t know they made a pump-action 30-06!” It’s pretty funny. Also love off-roading, camping and NASCAR. I look forward to participating in the forums here (and maybe even posting some videos).

Below is my 30-06 with a 10-round mag. It’s fun!


Im pretty new too. Only bee here a week or two. So far, everyone seems pretty “adult” in that they don’t attack you for your preferences, which is nice. Also doesn’t seem to be many people here. Anyway, welcome and spread the word. Maybe we can get this kicked off and make it more popular.


I agree with you that people here seem to be friendly and helpful. I like that. Too many forums have arm-chair commandos that want to argue about everything and I am not into arguing.


Welcome from another new guy! Been to AZ a few times and love its desert scenery and low humidity. I understand AZ has a strong 2A culture with permitless open carry? Interesting pump action .30-06! Also didn’t know they made one!


Yes we do! Completely legal to open carry or conceal carry with no permit. Of course a concealed carry permit is still advised and has some advantages but is not required. For me it’s more comfortable to open carry in an OWB holster so that is my norm.


I’m in PA now but moved here from Chandler AZ almost two years ago. Was in Chandler for 2 years and before that I was from SoCal (entire life). I love living in PA but I also miss AZ! Great state and good people. Welcome to the forums!


I quit TFB for that reason. Filled with douche bag know-it-all types. TFB’s a sh*t site anyway. Full30 has a much nicer crowd.