New from Arizona


Another Arizonan by way of California and New York… Finally home. Referred to Full30 by my two favorite youtube channels, MAC and AKOU. I lurk more than post, might get more active when I retire. Thanks to Full30 for a place to go that doesn’t help the enemy.

New Member From Arizona

Welcome @Fidem_scit
Great to have you here


Welcome to the forum Brother!!!

Fidem scit and keep them in the dark!


Welcome to Full30, NorCal_In_AZ.

Hope you are enjoying it here.


Welcome to Full30 forum, Fidem_scit.

Enjoy your lurking, and whatever else you do here.


Welcome aboard


Welcome, from another Arizonan!


Welcome to Full30! Glad you made it. I moved this so you have your own introduction. Just housekeeping.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome aboard full30



@MAC is why we are all here it seems :sunglasses:

Please, check out the new user guide in the what to expect area for help with this type of forum, and…

If you haven’t responded to the green notification yet

There is a little :robot: “discobot” greeting that will walk you through a neat tutorial, and if follow it through the end you can get certified



Welcome from Maryland!





Welcome to Full30




Welcome to the FULL30 crew. You can “un-lurk” before you retire, call it a warm-up before the game


Thank you to all, you’re very kind


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to full30!


Welcome from AZ !