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Hi Everybody - I’m Jason and new to Full 30. I’ll become a parent in a few weeks, but the moment my wife told me that she was pregnant, a protective drive kicked in inside me.

I’ve always taken an active role in my own protection with hand to hand training but have only been shooting consistently the last 10yrs. I prepared myself to defend my home from intruders, but now I train to protect my family anywhere we go.

I’m not a collector and see my firearms as tools meant to be used. But damn do I love gunprn! Besides guns, I also shoot cameras. Mostly car stuff, but getting more into gunprn.

I have a fully semi-automatic pistol and rifle and a bolt action .308 for hunting. If you’re in Colorado, I’d love to meet up. I’m always looking to learn new and improve my skills.




Great intro,



Denver eh.
My condolences on having to deal with the anti’s there.
We be just over the hill in Utah.
Spent a year and a half at Fitzsimons in Aurora as a patient.
I ran all over Denver but thats another story.


Welcome @Protectorparent
Great to have you with us at Full 30!


Fully semi automatic? Colorado has great hunting but they have priced out of state hunters out of the market so no reason to make a trip out there .


Welcome to full30.


Thanks for the welcome everybody. @Jtr that’s a poke at some of our current politicians. I’m pretty sarcastic but don’t use enough emojis to indicate when the sarcasm seeps out.

Does anybody suggest any instructors for fully semi-auto pistols with high magazine capacity clips in Colorado? :wink: *sarcasm


Go to front sight in Nevada and take a four day handgun class.


Welcome to the forum Brother! Make yourself at home.


Welcome to The Forum. It’s always nice to see people from around the country and some of their experiences as well. Nice photos of the cars and I see what you did there with last paragraph Barrett


Welcome to Full30!


Welcome to the forum and soon to be fatherhood!


welcome from NC


Welcome @Protectorparent. Glad to have you here. This forum is full of all type and experience levels. You should fit in fine. I will second the Frontsight training. It’s good stuff.


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum Jason! !




Thanks again for the warm welcome. I appreciate the recommendation to Front Sight, but don’t think I can swing $2000 with a baby on the way.


well hold on a minute…

whats the baby worth?