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Welcome to full30, I live about 220 miles from Denver, we go up to Blackhawk by the one arm bandits.



Howdy! Welcome and congratulations!



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My game plan so far to improve my skills have been this:
Assume my G19 is loaded, clear and visually/physically inspect that it’s clear before any of this.
Mornings: 6x draw and dry fire from concealment before loading a mag and going to work
Evenings: 6x draw and dry fire from concealment before loading and putting it in my nightstand

This has really helped me become smoother with the draw and highlights problems with clothing.

Fridays I work from home and before I eat lunch, I do 15 magazine changes with an empty mag and one with a snap cap. Since I’m not cycling it with ammo, I just leave the slide locked back, wait for my timer to go off, eject the mag, load and rack the slide. Sometimes I do it from a draw. Sometimes I’m moving laterally. Either way I’m focused on a target, squeezing the trigger and working on keeping the front sight from moving when I squeeze.

Again, I clear and check it before doing anything. I clear and check every gun that gets handed to me whether or not the person that handed it to me cleared it. I’m a little OCD about it, but I’d rather look OCD than have a ND.

I know it’s not the same as actually firing it, but reflexive handling and manipulation is what I’m focusing on building. I don’t see it any differently than using a knife, a staff, feet or hands in a fight. If you’re focused on HOW to manipulate your weapon, your focus isn’t on stopping the threat.

I shoot 2x at an indoor range each month working on concealed draw to firing with single, double and triple shots or hitting two shoot-n-see targets. Usually end up firing 100-150 rounds each session.

My next purchase will be a shot timer so I have quantitative data instead of qualitative only. I should probably get some steel targets and find a place to shoot for free outdoors too - $18 per session isn’t terrible, but that could be an extra box of ammo each month.

If you have any dry fire advice, I’m all ears - no pun intended towards that mouse photo. :rofl:




go shoot IDPA,Steel,USPSA etc



Welcome from Ky. Dry fire practice is better than time at the range in my opinion. 10 minutes a day seems better than 2 hours at the range. Don’t get me wrong live fire has its place too. Front Sight or Gunsight are two of the best schools also Thunder Ranch.



I totally agree. It’s a great way to practice and you will learn a lot from your fellow competitors. Steel matches will quickly refine your fundamentals and reinforce gun safety practices. I think you would really enjoy it.



You should be able to get a 4 day handgun class for around $200 . Go to thier web sight and they have it advertized.

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I just checked you can get the class for $200 . It is a five day class that includes a 30 state ccw .

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Welcome to the FULL30, glad to have you, and family to join with us.



I’ve actually looked around and have only found a small handful of IDPA events in my area. A buddy of mine and I haven’t been able to find any matches on their site up until recently. I guess they updated it finally! The first one is in mid-March, so I’ll check that one out. Thanks!



I absolutely agree! If it ever comes down to it, I need to be able to get my gun out, on target and into the fight faster than the other guy. Dry fire training lets me get at least 2-3x more practice draws than going to the range every few weeks for a couple of hours. Reflexive actions are faster than thoughts turned into action.

Plus it’s free. :moneybag:



Hey, welcome to the forums! Theres alot of good information on guns floating around here.



Welcome, and congratulations to you and your wife on the upcoming birth of your child!



@Protectorparent (Jason)

Welcome to the Full30 Forum.

We have a lot of knowledgeable people here.

Hope you enjoy.