New Frontier Armory EXP 5.56 pistol


Anyone have any thoughts, experiences, likes or dislikes with this 5.56 pistol?


Hello. I’m an owner of an Extar EXP for several years. Here’s my experience.

Essentially no recoil whatsoever.
Works well with Magpul magazines
No buffer tube. YAY!
Light-weight (polymer) construction
Built-in top accessory rail for optics.
Suits my carry style: Single-point QD bungee all-day field carry

When they say “5.56” they MEAN 5.56! Shooting .223 will turn this into a single-shot jam-o-matic. (Failure to strip rounds from mag for next shot).
Very loud. (Did I mention “very”?)
Severe side-blast to anyone who might be alongside you

I am a big fan of this gun. With either standard sights or red-dots this gun will hit! I am not a high-volume shooter, so any worries that a polymer AR won’t hold up as well as an all metal one is not a concern to me. I love the buffer-tubeless recoil-operated system this gun uses and can’t understand why more companies don’t make use of it.

In my opinion, this gun is a star! They should be selling by the pallet load and work-likes being copied all over the place. I don’t know what’s wrong with New Frontier. They’ve been out of stock for-ever and I’ve little hope that they will actually follow through on manufacturing any more either in 5.56 or their announced-but-never-seen 9mm. There’s either no money or no will at the company to make this gun the success it deserves. I wish another manufacturer would take over the design and do something (great) with it.

One Extar owner’s thoughts.