New german assault rifle?

Hi Guys,

i don’t know if the news spread already, but it seems that for the first time since 60 Years we are switching our main manufacturer from H&K to Haenel Defense to build our new rifle for the military.

As most of you guys know, there were some “complaints” about the G36 like problems with heat and inaccuracy. Utter BS if you ask me, the rifle was always shooting the groups that it was intended to. It was designed in the cold war for the european battlefield, not afghanistan with shooting distances north of 500 meters in average. But our government is just too stupid to realise that. So they went on bashing hard against H&K, bad media everywhere. A few years ago the decision was made to organise some trials for a new rifle, where manufacturers like HK, Rheinmetall, SIG, Haenel and i believe a US manufacturer had to compete against each other.

I think the HK 416 and the new HK 433 are far superior compared to the Haenel rifle. A big problem is that Haenel is owned by Merkel (the company, not the chancellor), which is owned by Caracal UAE. Haenel has about 10 employees and should deliver 120.000 rifles within the next two years. WTF? We are making us dependend from the arabs, there are some serious questions about human rights and weapons trafficking too. HK has a remarkable track record, so i guess it was just a political decision to piss off HK big time. Maybe you guys are lucky for the near future, i think HK will move out of germany like Sig Sauer and will be based in the US. God, germany is just a shithole nowadays…


Turkey is the filter to keep the middle east out of Europe, last time it took 200 years once Turkey fell for European conservatives to realize that they needed to push Islam out of Europe.
A strong Catholic Church lead the charge. Success and failure were had but the filter was re-established. That has failed again and now Europe is ruled by Liberals. Get ready for some event bigger developments in the next 5 years.


We are screwed up anyways, what our govt did in 2015 can not be repaired. I do not have a problem with people from foreign countrys, even if the are islamic. But they truly have to integrate themselves in our community. Only a few do. The reality are ghetto-like communitys, no-go-zones for the police, widespread violence with cars, knifes and other stuff. Of course germany is still a very peaceful place to live, dont get me wrong. But the waves are increasing and security is on high demand. We have enough german idiots here, we don’t need even more from other countries. If you want to stay, do your part. Than you are very welcome, no matter the origin. But if you just want a warm bed and a roof over your head for nothing in return, please gtfo.


Well that sux Bav’ shooter. I’m surprised our politicians don’t buy our M16s from the lowest cost producer in China.

(edit: You beat me to it Bav’_shooter)

I thought islam invaded Europe in a big way half a dozen (dozen?) or so years ago? Some sort of a boatlift?

From my very cloudy crystal ball I see that Europe has already fallen, it just hasn’t fully comprehended that yet. We’re not far behind. We let them in and they breed like rats. The progeny get radicalized and society is forced to deal with the problem.

What the hell is wrong with western civilization?

Oh, that’s right… The Report From Iron Mountain. We need to always have a reason for the go’vermin to protect us to justify their existence. It’s job security for them.


LOL, never guessed it would happen but you’re the first non American to earn our 1776 badge with that post, gut gesagt!


wait… what?! :smiley:


It’s a good thing b’_shooter.