New german assault rifle?

You guys done give up and ain’t sufficiently entertaining me, so off to bed i go.


Good idea, you’re talkin crazy


Well… at least some new life in this old thread :smiley: For me personally i’d take the G3 over the M1A every day. I’ve shot both and all of them performed well in all circumstances. Unfortunately i haven’t shot a FAL so far, but im pretty sure it is a damn fine rifle as well.

The G3 has proven itself all over the world. In the cold, in the jungles, in the deserts, in a lot of countries. They have flaws, dont get me wrong. But they run with low maintenance and my personal indicator of reliability is watch photos of guys in africa running around with old battle rifles like the FAL and G3. Could not remember seeing an M1A or M14 there. Of course, the recoil is stout, full auto nearly impossible to control and the system works violent. But the roller delayed bolt is just a fine piece of kit and works in most conditions just fine. The outer shell material is not a very big thing in my eyes. I know good stamped guns and bad stamped guns. I know good forged or billet rifles and i know bad ones.An quality AK is maybe the most rugged thing overall on this planet. Is it the best rifle? Maybe not. All depends on purpose. If it is the end of the world, i guess this rifle and caliber would be an excellent choice. But thats true for nearly every other rifle in 556 or 762.


Probably because they were never exported (in quantity or at all) and produced/used for very few years by our military. But it was a WW2 design sort of modernized. It was militarily obsolete before the design was even finalized.

2 that I would give my left nut to fire and own are the German FG42 v2 (while I’m dreaming, the real deal FG42 with unlimited ammo and LOTS of mags) and a SIG AMT. The FG42 would be a very good battle rifle/LMG even today even if dated due to the full size cartridge it fires. Yeah, even the replica clones are quite good from what I gather.


UPDATE: Rumors say that the German Government will finally cancel the contract with Haenel in the next few days and switch back to HK. The confirmation is pending, but to choose an HK gun is the only viable option in my eyes. Maybe its gonna be the HK416 or HK433, we will see.