New gun proposal being circulated on the hill

This will be the start of a registry. People like Beto and Kamala have publicly come out in force for a mandatory buy back. Do we want this road? Write the president people! If we don’t let him know our position then how are we supposed to think he’ll know it?


I’ve had enough of the dickless wonder’ s playing politics with our rights, trying to get people all nervous & riled up! Real simple, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Bring on the "mandatory " buybacks, I’m selling cheap @ 3260fps. Everyone crying crook gov going to do this, they’re gonna take that, blah blah! Government going to do what government wants! WE ARE TO THE POINT WHERE WE DONT COMPLY, FUCK’EM!!! LET THEM TRY BY FORCE…


Be careful, you will be the next red flag that have to defend, and watch others on here try to give logic to the government taking your first and second away


What a wanker…plain simple!


Yea we need to start considering this unfortunate truth.


NJ felon 101:
Lesson #1 STFU

Even the A. I. will be ID’ing you as you type.


you know… these checks are not flawless. I had a customer that did an online purchase and got a delay. The delay became a deny and he had to pay the seller to ship the gun back. A week latter I got a call from NICS saying the deny was a mistake and that it is now a proceed.

A lot of help that did to the guy since the gun shipped back 2 days earlier.


Well one advantage of being old is I bought everything ever needed decades ago.
Since no one pays any attention to the laws in this state, they will get passed down to my grand kids, and they can carry on the fight.

When I was 16 I’d go down to the local gas station and buy ammo. When I turned 18 I went down and bought a 870 wing master shotgun.
We carried rifles to school and shot them against other schools.

Its not the laws, but the lawless people today that have ruined our great America.
Soon it will be time to get it back.