New Guy Checking in


Names Rick from rural North Central Florida. Looking forward to getting to know this site and y’all better.


Keep the coffee pot full and beans on the stove please…


Welcome aboard. Good site with good people here.


Central Florida here.Love this gun friendly State


Newbie here too…to the site. I’ve been a shooter for …well, since my dad taught me to shoot in 1953-ish. Hunt very little…mostly punch paper and been a reloader for decades. Even ran my own “home gun shop” for a buncha years back in the '80s and '90s. CCW daily, mostly a G26 or Chief Spl and a Seecamp 32 for backup. Pistol pit in the back yard for practice. Member of the “gun culture” I guess. Favorite books? King James Bible and “Unintended Consequences” by J Ross :wink:


Newb. Old guy. Used to be on the old NRA boards. Freeper for almost 20 years.

Recently been enjoying you tube vids. Joined here to protest what the libtards are doing at you tube.