New guy from Beaumont TX


Got introduced to the sight by Mosin Virus channel from that YouTube dump. Been following his work and he asked those of us that appreciate his videos to come over here and give it a try. Well by god, here I am.

I’m 43, a professional firefighter, own a metal fab and welding shop, and am on a mission to buy every gun on the planet, even though my wife so simply told me that I can’t buy every gun…but I can die trying.

It is my pleasure to join other like minded folks in sometimes senseless babble, other times meaningful discussion.

The firing line is no longer clear…


Thank you for your intro, and welcome!


Welcome! We hope that you find a new home here!


Welcome to the Full30 forum.


Welcome @ryanjones2150
Great to have you here!


Welcome to Full30 forum @ryanjones2150 Good to have you here. You can try to get every gun, but you’re not getting mine.

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Welcome and glad you joined us. Also thanks for your service to your community!


Welcome from Ky


Welcome! Does the wife shoot too? My fiancée gets to buy all the guns he wants, as long as I get one too! So far he’s 2 ahead of me on handguns, need to fix that soon lol


Welcome @ryanjones2150.




Welcome to the forum.


Welcome @ryanjones2150


@ryanjones2150 welcome fellow Texan!


Welcome to the forum. Glad you came




Oh I like you! I’m on the same mission! Must collect them all haha


Holy smokes! What a greeting! I think I might like it here.

Tactical_Reviews…fair enough, I’ll keep my grubby mits off your cache…for now…

Jastrzemski223…my wife is a Glock Girl, through and through. I think she has a Glock for every outfit. When she first started getting into shooting pistols, I had her try a couple of my other favorites, sig, HK, etc. because they’re a little softer on the recoil than her G19 (her first gun). Afterwards when asked how she liked them she says, “nah, they cycle too slow. I like the snappiness of my Glock.” I couldn’t believe my ears. She has a few other guns now, other than Glock, but they don’t see much use. Her point is, they all have more moving parts, have a more complex mechanism, have very few interchangeable components with other guns…why do I need to make things complicated when what I like is just about as simple as it can get and works exactly how I want it to?

How do you argue with that? She said the other day that she wished Glock made a rifle, particularly on the AR platform. Are you listening, Glock?

She has a master’s degree and she’s hot. And she cooks and never bothers me in the shop or nags me…unless it’s about needing more ammo of course…


huh, thats actually a perfect fit idea :+1:

@switchpod why don’t you show Glock how that would look?


A striker fired AR style rifle. Well the Czech VZ-58 is a striker fire AK. I think it’s a cool idea, but there will be a lot of people that hate the trigger on a striker fire AR rifle. Definitely doable.