New Guy From Texas - Howdy


Hi Folks,

Thought I’d introduce myself. New here and relatatively new to the shooting sports despite my middle-age. Just finished building my very first AR15, a Stag Arms “Stag-15” model with BCM’s lower parts kit. Still need to shoot it, though. Also enjoy shooting my M1 Garand and Mosin, my only two milsurps so far. Hope to learn as much as I can from this very informative forum and hope to be able to contribute as well.


God bless Texas. Man I need to get out of PA… any good local trucking jobs down there where I will bring home $1200+ a week and have fully paid medical. Paid vacation and a Xmas bonus? I hate PA. Getting too liberal up on these parts


I’ve been to Houston a few times and liken its traffic to that of Dallas, near where I live. I doubt I’d miss the traffic if I were to move away to some place like PA! I haven’t been to this place yet, but I understand Houston has a really cool gun store with a bunch of milsurps - Collector’s Firearms, or something like that. Anyway, yes, this forum seems to be very respectful with some great info!


I see plenty of ads for trucking jobs here in Texas, but I don’t know how much they pay. Texas is booming right now, though, despite the oil and gas layoffs of last year. I thought PA, outside of Philadelphia, was a fairly 2A friendly state with lots of good deer hunting? Thank God for Texas’ appreciation for the right to defend oneself with a firearm. We passed open carry last year, and Constitutional Carry, albeit quite controversial among us 2A folks, is one of the bills being proposed this year. I also see more and more private little gun ranges popping up, which is always a good thing.


For the most part it is fairly good here in PA. I live in the Allegheny national forest area. So I’m western PA in between Erie and Pittsburgh… lots of good hunting. Nice countryside. But we got wolf running the joint raising taxes and killing small business. We just got semi auto hunting approved. But the game commission ruled it no big game(bullshit) I would love to go to Texas and catch some rattlers and do some hog hunting.


Howdy neighbor! California transplant living here in PA just north of Pittsburgh (Cranberry area). Best decision of my life moving here from CA. Countryside is nice, hunting is nice (even on public land), weather is nice (haven’t experienced a true winter yet), people are nice, and I can shoot the good toys here.

Edited: My apologies, I didn’t mean to hijack the thread.


No problem…thats what these forums are for. getting to know people. I am in your neck of the woods often… Ichiban sushi bar!!! man I spend way too much money there but I love it!! I am 45 min from you.


Nice! I’m at that Ichiban usually once a week for their Maki Lunch 2 special! Good stuff! :wink: