New Guy great place


Glad to be here after abandoning the sinking SS YouTube. I expect many more to follow.


New too did the same thing. Was alerted to this site by a post on Glock Talk. Very nice place.


Just waiting to find out were all my favorite channels end up, then YouTube as well as everything Google related is history.


Welcome, BigAl !

This is a nice place, mostly pretty friendly. And has people of a wide range of ages (upper teens to 70’s).

Good luck and enjoy!


Welcome BigAl!

Now let’s see these things that go bang you got already!!! We are big on pictures of people’s collections around here. :cowboy_hat_face:


I feel like most of us love living vicariously through each other’s collections.



I am not so sure we love living that way, but instead feel our lives are enhanced for getting to experience the feel of other people’s collections without having to endure the expense.