New health chart


The software team has added a new health chart

hopefully we’ll see it rise



Are these numbers decent or lower than expected?




So youre saying we need to spark up a J? With laws the way they are that might not be a good idea for a forum full of gun enthusiasts.


It’s hard to see a trend with only a month. Is it possible to show a six month chart? From what I can see it looks like a slight increase.

What I do see here is this. Crawlers are about the same, no surprise there. Crawlers get us in search engines. Looks like the increase is from logged in users, and that’s good. Anonymous users is about even, which is OK, those are people that used a search engine to find us, looked, and left. Because logged in users increased, that tells me some of those anonymous people signed up. Is there a chart showing new signups?


“Crawlers” should be called “creepers”



I don’t know what any of this means. What I do know is, now, I wanna be a creepy crawler. :bug::ant::cricket::scorpion::scorpion::scorpion:


Looks like we plagued a bit. Time to step it up. We had a strong Sept. to Oct, then dropped off a little bit. Crawlers are increasing, so that’s good, means we’re being seen by the search engines. Not hard to see where a few of us adopted the site.


Does this report mean I am going to live, Doc?:nerd_face:


Negative, I will be by later to harvest your soul.


@DarkCornerGunworks you are a creepy crawler but that’s why we love you.


Well some may look at it as smaller and not a lot of growth but instead look at it as consistent! We are getting users here and they are staying. With more users posting better content and helpful tips I can see more steady growth in the future


Slow growth is better than no growth. We’re getting more and more people that stay, and bring in friends. On Twitter I get a few people each week asking for an invite. I’ve got around 150 invites under my belt not including people that just signed up on their own.