New Here, and Wanted to Say Howdy from TX


Howdy from Texas

Pretty new to firearm ownership. I have a couple of 9mm handguns, and a couple more .22 revolvers. For long guns I have the semi-mandatory 10-22, a SKS, and of course a AR15, and 12 gauge shotgun.

At this time I feel like I have everything I need as far as firearms, although there are a LOT of temptations out there. We do all of our shooting right here on the property. We can get about 75 yards with the present set-up, but we will be expanding this winter in another direction, and that should be a minimum of 150 yards.

Look forward to learning here, and being able to avoid YouTube is just frosting on the cake.


Good to have you and





Welcome to Full30 Forum, MX99.

You do seem to have a good collection of firearms, although no high-powered rifles - no plans for hunting larger game?


Welcome @MX99
Great to have you here with us!


Welcome to Full30 forum @MX99 Good to have you here. Having your own private range is the best. Lots of former screwtube channels have come here, check the list with the link below and subscribe to show support.

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Welcome to Full30! Glad you found us.


Welcome from another Texan


Welcome fellow Texan! We’re happy to have ya here.


JohnB I’m not really into hunting. Most of what I do is target shooting, alond with the occasional Coyote, or Rattlesnake (if it is close to the house). I might start taking some hogs, if I find another freezer at a good price, but other than that the guns are for fun, and if I had to, personal protection.


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome to the forum!



Fair enough. Although, I have always found a bit of recoil therapy helps melt the tensions away. High powered rifles and handguns are good for that (as well as for hunting). Of course, shotguns are, too, so you can still get the feeling and relaxation from your shotgun.


Great start! Welcome aboard!




What part of Texas are you in?


Welcome from a neighbor in AZ :wink:


Out in the country about 60 miles from San Antonio. It used to be nice and quiet out here, then the oil rigs moved in.


Howdy! Glad you are here. Have fun and post!


new her from Texas too. how do you create a new post here? I can only reply.