New here. Anyone deal w/Major Surplus? Problem


Hi everyone. New to the forum. I want to say hello, but I’m also afraid I must set all additional niceties aside. I’m having a POTENTIAL issue with Major Surplus. I will hopefully have an answer from them tomorrow when they open if I don’t hear from anyone here. It’s just driving me nuts.
I just created an account with them yesterday in order to place an order for a couple items I found there and nowhere else. Anyway, the items aren’t important, what is though is the fact I logged on today just to take a look at my order to see if the status was updated. Wasn’t sure if they were open today or not. They’re not. Anyway, when I went to my order, at the very top of the page after the order number it read, “Possible Fraud”. What gives? The order was confirmed via email yesterday. No indication of an issue. I’ve been charged for it. Everything appears normal except for those two unsettling words.
Help! Anyone ever deal with them that could shine some light on this? I’m asking because it appears to be some sort of strange glitch. Their site isn’t the best. Wondering if anyone has ever seen this before.


This has happened more than you know on different sites. Generally the address on the order and the card does not match, or has to go thru a manual approval.


Well, the addresses should match up, but I get what you’re saying. Thank you. Just hearing it from someone else puts my mind at ease for now. It was driving me up a wall due to it being Sunday and I was unable to get in touch with anyone. Man, thanks again for chiming in. I think I’ll be able to sleep tonight now. :relieved:


By the way, that was it. They got ahold of me this morning. It seems their system is particularly sensitive. In my case it was probably my phone number. It is in my wife’s name, not mine. I’ve ordered from a ton of sites and this was never an issue before, that’s why I was concerned. In the end, I don’t mind. I’d say I’m happy with their customer service and how quickly they assured me that all was fine. I guess the security is a good thing.


The only problem is, I saw a few things I wanted on the site… and I don’t need more stuff… but the want calls me…


That’s always tough. I have terrible impulse control when it comes to surplus. And rifles. And old motorcycles. And old guitars. And…

Really, I wanted to get some Swiss M70 Alpenflage. I hunt the Allegheny foothills in northern PA and that stuff is nice in the fall. Some don’t care for it, but in that environment, especially in the fall, it’s perfect.