New Here! Looking for advice for my store


Hey there. I was referred to here from a twitter friend I follow. My Name is Zack and I am the owner of I recently re-did the site after having some issues with it and it looks a whole lot better. I’m not here to spam everyone to visit the site but rather I am looking for feedback. My target audience is a new or moderate AR builder. So I would like to know what products I should feature and list. Id like to know if my colors look right and most of all if everything is clear and functional.

I myself am a builder and just finished my 6.5 Grendel. Its likely going to be a hog gun. I am looking to build out a 9mm and an AR-10 in 308. I have the barrels and the bolts. Just need to get everything else.

Feel free to visit my web site and let me know what you think or we can talk about your latest build or mine. Just here to chat about guns and tactical shit.


Glad you made it.


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Welcome to the forum @Greenwell_Armory


Welcome! we have to jump noobs in around here. Its a real ‘Blood in , Blood out’ type of thing…


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I noticed on your site you offered 6.5 grendel and 224 valkyrie. Maybe include a few other calibers for newer builders to chose from? Other than that the site was easy to navigate and looked bad ads, keep up the good work. :sunglasses: @Greenwell_Armory


Thanks, just getting started so those were specific calibers people were asking for. I’m going to add in some 6.5 creed more, 308, and 5.56 for sure. Thanks for the feedback!


As a store owner myself, have a system in place to to detect and fight against fraudulent orders. Without it, you’ll lose thousands of dollars to thieves and eventually lose your merchant account.

If you have a system, great. If you don’t - you need one - bad.

Feel free to PM me if you want some advice on getting a system in place.


Thanks, got to look into some other stuff too.

Here is a stag arms upper complete I just added.

Does that look right?


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If I had the means to, I would. I’m not an FFL unfortunately because of my location in MD. County will not permit it.


But a Full30 discount could be worked out.