New here.


Just wanted to hello.


Welcome to full30, how did you find us?


Hi There,

Haven’t seen you around before.Give us a few words of introduction; how you found us, what you shoot, where you shoot, interests, etc. We will be most welcoming, I assure you.

Just use this Thread and give us the low down,

If you need anything, just let us know at @Range_Officers and we will be happy to help.

We hope you enjoy your time here. We are a great group of folks. We have fun and we learn from each other.


The Full30 Range Officers Group


Ive been subscribed for a while. I guess either Mac or Inrange.


Welcome to Full30, glad you could join us.


Was it under different username? Your profile says you joined a few minutes ago.

Edit- never mind. I’m assuming you mean the video side of this. Sorry


I shoot different guns. I have a modest collection if you want to call it that. I like roller locked guns. I own a couple Ar’s, M1A Ebr clone’ a couple Ptr’s, a few HK pistols and more. Im from Virginia.


Yes. I should of been more specific. I signed up for the video side a couple years ago I think.


it is a good bunch here and growing
We even have room for a few more HK lovers.


Welcome to Full30 @shoonmine Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Welcome @shoonmine
Great to have you here on the forum!


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome to Full30 forum, shoonmine.

I am guessing you like moonshine, no?

Either way, hope you enjoy it here.


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I’ll sip out of a jar, thats for sure. :grin:


Welcome! Come along and sing our song and join our family,F U L, L 3 0 is the place to be!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome @shoonmine good to see another person from VA on here!


Welcome to our happy group and those inclined toward HK-ish things and Spring Water.


Thanks everyone.