new idea for 380 ammo


interesting video. I may just have to get some of this underwood ammo and see if my glock likes it. Anyone with any experience in this ammo?


IraqVeteran8888 did a video comparing different bullets that included that one.
Although very good in would channel creation it did show over penetration issues too.
I don’t recall which one it was however.
But it was very thorough and showed pros and cons to many different rounds.


except why carry a .380 when a lot of 9mm compacts are the same size, carry more in the mag and are 9mm?

Paul Harrell also addresses a previous .380 compacts

You be the Judge…


why carry my glock 42 instead of a comparable 9mm? . Mostly finances. I cant afford another handgun now and my usual carry is a ruger p95dc. That’s a 9mm but its also a full size. Really hard to CC and the heat is coming. My glock was setup nice with trigger work a light laser combo and most importantly two mags with pearce plus 2 extensions. This was set up this way on request of my wife. She still doesn’t like it. I on the other hand do.
So finances says I cant get a new toy, at least not till I finish paying for the bow I have on hold. I have no issues of getting a compact 9 and have looked at a shield 9 but wow they are proud of those things.

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ok so I can appreciate jokes as much as the next person. But I started this thread as a real question. To the ones that honestly responded I do appreciate it. To the rest…ha ha it is to laugh. Really I do appreciate the humor. I have grown accustomed to it since I don’t fall for the bigger is better crap.

So again I ask has anyone got any first hand experience because I am seriously thinking of ordering a box of the leihigh.?


I liked my .380 because it was easy to shoot and the type of pistol I had quite accurate and easy to conceal (and this was when you only had a choice of ball or hollow points). But my carry was either a Browning High Power or a Colt Government 38 super.
If you decide to use the “new” fangled rounds you might need to see if they will in fact chamber (FTF) or there is any lose of accuracy


I’ve shot some of this ammo
And honestly it’s a gimmick imo
Buy 2 boxes of regular ammo instead
I just don’t like overpaying for gimmicks
P.s the three guns I tried this all had feeding issues with it
Just my .02


If you’re looking for penetration this is about as good as it gets in 380 ACP.

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cant shoot cast lead in a Glock. Something about the barrel. It leads the barrel and gets dangerous

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Hard cast lead bullet info.

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@SAK thanks for the read. I have no experience with the Buffalo Bore. According to this article and others I have read it should be ok. But from running my personal reloads it was lead fouling bad. Either muzzle side of barrel or breech side of barrel depending on how hot or mild I ran them . I gave up and just went with factory loads as I am not going to reload for this pistol anyways

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To me… there is an issue with the statics on .380 not penatrating enough in real life. That’s why I run Underwood in mine.
While I have not switched to the penatraters yet… I will be. I do run them in other calibers and live them. Just as long as they are screaming as fast as they can out the barrel.


I lost count of all the lead bullets I put through my old Glock 17 back when it was the only pistol I had.
No harm, just clean the barrel after shooting, before using it the next time.


Speaking of guns chambered for .380, Charter now makes a revolver in that caliber.


when I spoke of leading I was shooting cast bullets loaded in my glock 22. Five rounds hot and one end of barrel was severely leaded. Same with other end if I loaded light. Then when I went to the middle ground loads it would lead then entire barrel. It just wasn’t worth it and I found a hollow point for that gun. Have sold it now.
I also have no intention on loading for the 380 as I don’t shoot it much so looking for factory loads. I will take your word for your experience as you have no reason to lie to me but as for me I choose not to run lead in my Glock 42. Maybe if I ever get a different carry. Yes the 380 is my carry. I am not a fan of the bigger is better camp. Never have been . I believe the weapon to carry is the one that you shoot well and comfortable. Also needs to be easy to carry which my little Glock is


The issue with lead in a Glock barrel is real. The lead is not grabbed hard enough and thus smears. Accuracy is greatly affected and there is a danger of severe build up!

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Differences Between Lead vs Hardcast bullets

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In addition to the type of cast bullet that works in Glocks, there’s also the consideration of bullet to bore size.
Too small and hot gases leaking around the bullet must aid in melting the lead to the bore.
For my trusty old Glock the bullet diameter that worked best, both for not leading the barrel and also accuracy was .357 instead of the usual .356 usually used in 9mm.
Especially the .357 147 grain truncated cone design.

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