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Greetings, I’m a former Special Forces operator, now a retired schooled gunsmith. I didn’t take the full 2 year course, I’ve just taken tons of summer NRA classes, mostly at TSJC in Colorado with some at MCC in Troy, NC as well. I’m hoping to have my FFL and start a business as a gunsmith this coming year. 2019, with my primary emphasis being handguns, in particular revolvers. I do love autoloaders as well, but there’s a certain beauty and elegance in a revolver that just isn’t there in an auto loader. I’ve taken classes in a wide variety of things, from building a flintlock rifle with the late Ron Ehlert, to S&W revolvers with Ron Powers, Ruger single actions with Hamilton Bowen, tactical bolt action rifles with Phil LeBow, and benchrest Rifles with a Speedy Gonzales. I have most of a machine shop at the house, though I do need a larger knee mill.

In college I had a double major in history and political science, which means that I can either frame a debate on Twitter or flip burgers at McDonalds!

In addition to firearms of all kinds I am a ham radio operator and have taken some training with FEMA to learn how to operate in an emergency, I’m a prepper of sorts (the sane kind, not the doomsday kind), love dogs and have an 85 pound pit bull that still hasn’t figured out that he will not fit in my lap.

That’s most of me. It’s good to be here and until Liberty Doll mentioned to me that there was a forum in Full30 I didn’t realize that it was here or I would have joined in much earlier. I’m not name dropping when I mention Liberty Doll, I’m one of her Patreon supporters and when I congratulated her on getting to post her videos on Full30 she mentioned the forum. I just didn’t want anyone to think that I was dropping names. :grin:



Welcome to the community! We’re glad to have you.









Welcome @RobinP
Great to have you here at Full 30!



Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service.



Welcome to Full30 forum @RobinP Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome to Full30, RobinP.

Sounds like you have an interesting background.

Although I like autoloaders, I like revolvers even more.

Which revolvers do you like the best?



Welcome the the forum! I just moved to the North Georgia area. Are you near Chattanooga?



Prep on & Welcome!



Welcome to the forum Brother!



Welcome @RobinP! Thank you for your service.

I think you will fit right in here. Tanks for name dropping @LibertyDoll. It’s nice to know who referring people to the forum. Plus that is someone who I have not herd of before so now I get to learn about a new content producer.



Welcome to Full30!






Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. It’s good to finally find out where John Galt went!

Someone mentioned Liberty Doll. She’s great! She’s new as a content creator on Full30, or is about to be new…something like that. She’s in Massachusetts and does a lot of videos on 2nd Amendment issues. Odd place to be and make sense, but whatever works.

And someone else asked which revolvers I like best. That one’s hard to nail down. My firearms collection is about as varied as Hickok45’s, though I’m sure that he has more of them. He lives somewhere not far from me since we’re both in middle TN. But my favorite revolver really depends upon the day and sometimes the hour. I run the gambit from cap & ball to the last of the S&Ws before they put the key lock on them. I hate the look of it, even as small as it is. Rugers are my favorite to work on though, like diamonds in the rough…so many possibilities so little time.



Be sure to spread the word about Tennessee’s pending Red Flag Bill coming in January!



Welcome to the forum!



I’ve already started sending out emails to my representative and senator at the state level. Once they open the new session I’ll start with the phone calls. I’ve been letting anyone that will listen about the potential problems with red flag laws.